Friday, 29 December 2017

2017 with you.

Our souls intertwined at the start of the year.
I lived every moment without fear.
We fell in love in an instant,
As we found a deep connection, in which time could not contain.
And learned about you as a person, your past and present.
Without any judgement as to who you were.

We were moving at the speed of light.
Caught in the moment, we started by adjusting to fit into each other's military life,
And FaceTime to every free time we had to get us by
How we see eye to eye, in the future we were setting to build,
But most importantly, how we held on to hope so early, and to never let go of something that may never come again in a lifetime..and so we believed.

So when that ray of light sets  in
Love was not enough to save it all.
We called it quits and still can't comprehend how.
Time may have not been on our side.
Maybe we were just meant to learn from one another.
So we accepted that it was best to leave it as it is.
And live with the remnants we left on each other.
Keeping it closer than ever.

You're always going to be a someone that I can't quite explain.
Not just an ex lover or some other man.
But someone forever significant to me.
One that I would tell about to my future kids someday.
On appreciating and loving someone wholeheartedly.

Though we promised to never lose touch.
There may come a day we won’t be in each other’s life again
Should that day come, I’ll be the first to say,
Take me back to 2017 with A.

- Aufa S