Wednesday, 8 October 2014

Reality bites.

I have never understood the notion of the dominion of men. Fine, it is apparent we live in a men's world and as a straight up feminist (to a certain extent), it is hard to accept that fact. Yes men are better in certain areas but surely there are things that men cannot do that women are greater at, even my dad would say so. I guess observing my dad and the way he appreciates and respects my mum has led me to think that such gender inequality, degradation is just an illusion but no, I suppose it does not apply in my very own country.

I grew up with individuals that see both genders as equals so entering an environment that opposes to the notion of equality is sort of saddening. Yes, men have more power compared to women and the Islamic faith confirmed that which I can accept but I mean in other cases; to think low of women and their capabilities and how certain jobs are 'women's job' like how they belong in the kitchen etc...No, I don't think so. I swear I get into alot of arguments with the opposite gender regarding sexism but at the end of the day, I think to myself that it is not worth proving your point to airheaded egoistical men that see the world with only an eye open.