Tuesday, 27 August 2013

Dusty 'old blog-thing.

My blog is starting to collect dust. It has been eons since my last post that if I were to note everything down, it would probably take half or the entire day even. I might as well use that time to do something productive...but what?

I mean, uni's over, relaxing is starting to become a chore. I have to say that I really miss writing essays, analysing, researching and the usual debate "on how soon I should start my essay" with myself. I miss the life of a university student. The real world seems...harder but it is about time that I step into it.

Gone are the days where I can take on the world without a care (hyperbolicly speaking), where I can sleep in peace without expecting that one special phonecall from the multitude of jobs I applied to..just, gone. I can only imagine how easy life was when I was in Primary School. Good heavens, would go back to those days any time.

However, trying to equip yourself and undertake the real world is somewhat exciting because aside from all the snoozefest from the long long wait of getting THE job; it's being able to portray your capabilities and knowing that you're chosen for a particular job based on your knowledge (as well as rezeki, ofcourse) Your capabilities are not based on grades anymore like how it is in uni, it is your performance at work, what you bring to the table, the skills you acquire and if they do have a grading system it would probably be based on merits.

Thinking about this makes all the problems I had in my early years so insignificant. It's true what parents tell us when they say "you haven't lived, my child". I'm starting to see how much we go through as we age...