Wednesday, 20 March 2013

Keeley turns 4.

I miss Keeley! Although she's grumpy half of the time and obnoxious, I still miss and love her! Been missing her these past couple of days...thoughts goes out to you my best companion xx

Perks of living in the halls.

It is safe to say that currently in the midst of assignments and deadlines, my form of human interaction these past couple of weeks is with my enigmatic hallmatey, Jane Tay! I usually have my dinner quite late, around 8-9 pm and everytime, everytime, I'm in the middle of cooking something light (or I would like to think it is), Jane would either come 2 seconds after me or the latter! As soon as she steps in, not even two steps inside the kitchen, I'd be all like "HIIIIII :D" that sometimes I get the feeling that I freak her out with my palpable excitement. But yes, we go about doing our own thing, cook like chefs (I like to pretend that I am, although most of the time I do not really know what I'm doing hahaha) whilst keeping the conversation going & eventhough we run out of things to say, it is that comfortable silence that I'm so familiar of :)

 I only knew Jane when we started being neighbours last fall, as opposed to my five other lively hallmates.  However, it is Jane that I so often seem to stumble upon on a daily basis and I can tell you that she brings the zest in me! Conversations with her can last from 5 minutes to 50 minutes, and often about anything. It will always start off with a "how was your day?" or if either one of us is seen next to the stove, it'll be like "you cooking?" before anything else. I'll indefinitely miss being your neighbour Jane! D: