Friday, 8 February 2013

The prayer.

By far the best depiction of the prayer that is carried out by Muslims five times a day..

Thursday, 7 February 2013


...and live in contentment everyday. No one can promise you contentment but yourself if you see everything that He has bestowed upon you, speaking for myself first and foremost.

Thursdays is love.

I love Thursdays even if it is the busiest out of all days. I have an hour of lecture and three long straight hours of seminar. What makes this day a doting day for me is the fact that I have this module called Global Labour Regulation.

This Independent Study Programme (ISP), consists of information that is closest to what I have always wanted to be or do - law/lawyer. It touches upon the fundamental aspects of unemployment law, migration, several international regulations all of which I meant to read on last year but never found the time to! So this is definitely a great opportunity for me (and my colleagues) to get a grasp of the idea. In doubling the excitement, there are four adept tutors for that module alone, each teaching us according to their expertise on the various topics provided.

Today we did on the EU! I always stumble upon the European Union whenever I casually read a paper, but never got the concept of it. And to my surprise, according to Dr Rachel, a multitude of Brits too do not know how the EU came about. My knowledge of the EU only goes to the extent of the Euro (currency) and that the members are made up of countries in Europe including Britain. Other than that, I have no prior knowledge of  when and how it was established. It is only until today that I partially know bits and bobs although there are still questions lingering in my head that needs to be answered. Nonetheless, thank you Dr Rachel for covering this complex, mind-boggling topic in less than 3 hours.

There is Migration and International Regulations left to cover before the end of the module. This is Week 3 coming to Week 4 and in another two weeks will mark an end to this module :(  During that time, I hope to be able to be at the stage of viciously researching on the topic I may have come up with. Let's hope so! Amiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiin.