Tuesday, 25 September 2012

Monday, 24 September 2012

Royal Wedding.

The most talked about in Brunei making it the highlight of 2012. A wedding is always a joyous event where everyone tries to lend a hand and make the environment more lively and inviting - what more a Royal Wedding. Everything has to be grand alongside putting the Malay custom into practice thus this makes every event count.  I only got to witness some of the occasions from RTB and saw random pictures of what the Princess was wearing etc, and I was mind-blown by how regal and beautiful she looks. A Princess indeed. Selamat Pengantin Baru! :)

Sunday, 23 September 2012

Missing home and Rirah's surprise.

Now that I'm back in Keele in the halls, with silence banging my earlobes, I feel slightly homesick. I then start to embrace the little things back home. How I miss my mom entering my room at 2am in the morning to accompany her grab a cuppa downstairs. How I miss her treating me like I'm 12, still being able to act insanely attached to her. How I miss my father refusing to food and chanting the number of calories he has left. How I miss him waiting for my mom, sis and myself to get ready whenever we decide to go out. How I miss my cats, bringing them to the vet and rubbing their tummy. How I miss Bibi - she's the sweetest. How I miss seeing Rotip's bicycle parked by the driveway. Just missing everyone around me, missing home. When I first arrived in Keele, I did manage to lit up a smile because there are so many things to smile about especially after landing safely and having everything according to plan, Alhamdulillah, thank you Allah. A year left to give it my all, it's all or nothing, insyaAllah.

On a less serious note, my sister outdid herself by recording this video. Getting Jason G to say those fine words. She surprised me BIG TIME. So unexpected that I blushed, hyperbolicly grinned, cringed, you name it. I went loco when I first saw it two days ago.

To this day, I'm still in awe. My heart keeps turning into heart-shaped smithereens with colorful rainbows tagging along, then they flutter in the evening sky every time this video hits the play button. I don't know what I just portrayed but five seconds was all it takes.

Selective Eating.

My dear darling father is now more conscious of the number of calories he consumes. Alhamdulillah, there is nothing more that the family and I pray for. He is now so obsessed with this app called Fitnesspal. He'll make a note of everything inserted in his body, and will often check how many calories he has left to consume. He is set to only be able to eat 1900 kcal a day, and I'm amazed at how he never exceeds the number. Well done father. I guess all the (daily) visits to my blog made you realise the importance of healthy eating hehe.

There are about five things that one can do to slide towards the notion of healthy-eating. (Mainly my dad wanted me to email this to him, but heck, I need the same help too so might as well have it posted in my blog so I too can read it from time to time)

All credits goes to Sharee Hansen (@funeralformyfat) for her five week challenge, steps to clean-eating. I'm just merely writing back whatever she says in her youtube video!

Week 1:
Try adding a portion of fruits and vegetables in every meal (breakfast, lunch and dinner). You can have your  pasta or thin crust pizza alongside some carrot sticks perhaps?

Week 2: Cut down fastfood. Nothing good comes from them. No nutrition whatsoever.  Don't even cut down on it, just don't eat it. One cannot eat fastfood in moderation because it is not even made responsibly.

Week 3: Transition time, whereby you make a switch to everything wheat and whole. Brown rice, wheat pasta, wholemeal bread, wholegrain you name it. No more refined and enriched in bleach type of food.

Week 4: Base every snack with a fruit or veggie. When you snack, try reaching for fruits alongside your snack. Cookie and an apple? We want to emphasize fruits and veggies ;)

Week 5: No more regular soda. No more regular soda. No more regular soda. Think about the 12 spoons of sugar added to a can of coke. You will be put off by any type of soda.

All based from the video below!

Breaking unhealthy habits by Sharee Hansen

Andy Suzuki and the Method in Brunei, say what?!

 In my last post, I babbled so much about the talented trios from NYC, Andy Suzuki and The Method. It all happened too fast! I managed to attend one of their concert at Brunei Hotel then like I said I would, I'd take pictures! However I only managed to take one with Jason Gorelick. I would have loved to take pictures with Kozza and Andy but time didn't let me. That night was jam packed but really memorable, the highlight of my day actually. I forgot that I was due to fly to the UK in a week's time.

Their songs are stories that most can relate to. They are a whole package and it is blatant live whereby each member would contribute to the melodies. It is also not common to incorporate violin into alternative pop music but they did it, really; it's just not what you see on MTV these days. Passion can be seen/heard delineated from their music. And it certainly is not about how catchy their songs are. I personally love 'Her Ghost', 'Take Care of Me' and 'Good at Goodbye' from their EP album. Each song has its own story and twist that makes listening enjoyable. 'Stronger than She Knows' is another one of my favs from their 300 Pianos album. 

The band members depicted Brunei as a community and claimed to have been treated like family during their stay. When asked if they were ever going to come back, without a doubt the answer was a big 'yes'. We love you guys!

I hope you guys make it big and when you do, do not ever forget the little island on the heart of Borneo. You guys have literally stolen thousands of hearts in the tiny lil populated country, Brunei. Thanks to KFC and UBDfm for making it happen and making my summer an even more memorable one :0)

Andy playing the keyboard
The adept violinist

Kozza doing his thing
Jason Gorelick and I
On the side note, do come to UK too just because... If you guys ever are here, I'll be one of the first people watching :)

Sunday, 9 September 2012

Andy Suzuki & the method.

What? What?! Yes, it's these three talented lads coming to tour our country! Although they are not considered worldwide superstars but ticket prices are going to be sold insanely high! I'd be over the moon if I get to take a good picture with the band members. Currently I'm at war with my sister cause apparently she likes Jason most but because she's turning 18 tomorrow, I'll back out for the day and continue to swoon like a boppy teenager I once was.

Take Good Care of Me - Andy Suzuki & The Method


Happy 18th Adik Harirah.

I might as well just do this post now because I highly doubt I'll be able to write anything at midnight on my sister's birthday.

Happy Birthday to my annoying, brattiest, princess of the family, little sister (whose not so little anymore). You're 18 now, so be good and study hard. Fulfill your obligations as a daughter to our parents. I'll be here, a support system throughout anything you do in life. Because we're four years apart, you'll still always be a baby to me. I'm sorry if I might sometimes come off more like a parent than a sister, but I want you to know that I can always be the best best friend you've never had. I love you lil minion however I will not stop treating you and your friends as kids, cause I'm older and cool that way. Please be good! Much love, kaka Aufa (that words cannot express how I feel)

See how much of a brat she is?

Tuesday, 4 September 2012


Al-fatihah to the deceased that have touched me and my family's hearts upon hearing the news of their passing including those from the helicopter crash. Over Ramadhan and Syawal, the number went to as many as four people that we know of, deteriorating the festive spirit even more. Al-Fatihah...May their souls be blessed, Amin.

Insanity or Crazy?

Insanity is this crazy workout program. It basically trains you to go all out in getting the desired body you want by keeping track of your progress and endurance. Comes with a meal guide too, so really it is not just about losing weight and getting abs alongside also keeping fit and healthy. I (finally) did my first Insanity fitness test (as I've been putting it off for the past couple of weeks) and boy, was I to the point of panting vigorously. Shows how unfit I am and the amount of food I've consumed over Raya did not help at all. On the verge of quitting whilst lying down, my sweet sister leaned forward and screamed right at my ear, appalled by my act of forfeit. So I stood and continued the remaining moves crying. As a reward, I know I'm not a dog to reward myself with food (as Sharee quoted) but I did scoff down more than I should have. Least its healthy food with lots of liquid for a good bloating. I have yet to re-do the fitness test tomorrow then only I'll be able to start Insanity at its best.

To Babah whose recovering from a fever partly due to tarnishing his diet by giving in to red meat, Alhamdulillah you're feeling much better now. Please please please say yes to only eating clean and exercising with us :)

Treat your body right.

Instant noodles tastes so good and a good 'once in a while' kind of meal but the detriment overcomes its taste. You cannot call it a meal because nothing is nutritious about it. Contains around 400-500 kcal with a high percentage of carbs & fat. Fills you up for not more than 2 hours and will ignite your appetite even more causing you to consume more unnecessary calories. As if instant noodles isn't bad enough. What have I been putting in my body? Is this what I want my body to work for - cleaning wax for 2 days?

Sunday, 2 September 2012

Burn the globe.

To my wonderful parents, please take note. Thank you.