Saturday, 21 July 2012


Brunei has been a wonderland. After the charity event, 'The Run', my running regime hasn't been up to par, well not as much improvement as I'd hoped. As I keep telling myself to increase my pace, time and whatnot, the notion of 'trying' somehow has lingered to 'never trying' but staying stagnant. This lingered till Ramadhan. But O' I will not let my running dilemmas overtake the welcoming of Ramadhan in this glorious month.

As I enter the month of Ramadhan, just two days ago, I was taken aback by such horrifying, unexpected and somewhat surreal news as fourteen young, vibrant and fit soldiers got involved in a helicopter crash. This fell on an honourable day, Friday. My heart and thoughts goes to the deceased and their families. May Allah have mercy and grant them the highest of Jannah amongst the pious. Amin. Al-fatihah. A devastating tragedy for Brunei indeed.