Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Back to Bru.

The weather, almost very predictable. The morning misty dew and breathtaking sunsets. The call to prayer without fail from various mosques. The ritual Friday nights. The access to food, good food. The road. All of the many attributes one cannot find overseas. It's good to be back. Never thought Summer would be the season I love most. It is imperative I make the most of it.

There is really no place like home.

Thursday, 7 June 2012

A message for my tiny frail heart.

Everything will seem a tad easier.


To ask myself..

Friday, 1 June 2012


If the media is not going to cover the calamity that the Syrian people have been facing, WE will!! WE, meaning people with a sense of humanity regardless of their religion, origin and ethnicity background. Anyone with a heart would advocate.

But to think about it, who needs the biasity of the media when we've got access to the internet? Alhamdulillah. May we be protected from what the media wants us to believe in. At this stage we can only #prayforSyria. May Allah ease their struggles.


This is funny. I definitely can see a drastic change to where I 'belong'.  From the kiddy days to the early teens, it would definitely start from the front of the bus as the 'quiet' ones. In my late teens, only then was I 'normal' and as I touched the big-two, I think it is borderline between normal and noisy! Noisy is when one can hear your voice from the end of the bus to the front, or when you're in your room and your voice can be heard in the hallways amongst all your hall mates. Nonetheless, it is always friends that will influence where you ought to sit. A quiet one can be seen at the end of the bus. A noisy on can be sitting right infront too. So there really is no specificity. But if you were to assess your timeline, where do you 'belong'? hahaha.


It has been a fun ride in Keele, but I'll bid my goodbyes for now. InsyaAllah we'll cross paths again in four months' time.

I can't wait to go back home, greeted by my beloved parents and sister. Enter the house to be meowed at by two of my felines, Keeley and Meeley! I miss their scent so much, and the smell of cat biscuits too. There's too much love around (and food) back home, all of which I miss. Food is love too ok!


As you stare into space, have you ever wondered how the mind and everything else in the world works? Have tears ever trickled down your face at the thought of feeling grateful and filled with gratitude? Ever shivered at the thought of not being able to enter Paradise amongst the righteous when you reflect at  your Iman because regardless of how much you think the quantity is, it is not enough. Iman is something intangible that goes up and down. That's what makes life great, not at the fact that it goes up and down but at how intangible it is, because we can keep trying. It is also great that spiritual means can also be applied to everything in the world too like trying to score for an exam etc.

We don't know the outcome as each and every individual's Iman cannot be measured by themselves, which makes it the more important for one to keep working to their full potential and try to be istiqamah. Amin. Reminder to myself first and foremost.