Thursday, 24 May 2012

Foodie part three.

Many more food attempts..
Cheesy pasta with sausages and onions

Baked bolognese wheat pasta with minced meat

Garden mozzarella salad

Tuna pasta with pan-fried cod fillet

Mee suah with egg and crabsticks in vegetable broth

Fried pasta noodles, with lightly salted haddock fillet and lettuce

Toasted bread and celery sticks accompanied with...

Poached egg with toasted bread

Flat Rice Noodles cooked in prawn sambal sauce

Mee soup containing flat rice noodles, in ikan billis broth

Salmon fingers (they are divine)

Foodie part two.

Celery and tomato cuts in broth
 More foodie pictures...

Egg noodles with beansprouts

Charred egg noodles
Comfort food

Cod battered fish with garden mozzarella salad, garlic bread and peppered tartar sauce

Fish with seasoned celery sticks and broccoli and brown rice.

Homemade burger (not the patty though :p)

Pratha and Philadelphia chocolate cheese spread

Half-boiled egg seasoned with soy sauce dipped & cheesed bun

Haddock fillets in black, spicy, bean sauce.
Brown Rice, scrambled eggs and lettuce


Done, free, finally, over! Alhamdulillah, simply to just tawakkal now. InsyaAllah! May everyone get outstanding grades Amin!

No more late nights, consuming bitter coffee every 3-4 hours, feeling guilty checking any social networking sites, eating takeout and oven-ed frozen foods, taking short naps... May these sacrifices made is worth every minute and second! Okay and I reckon its my call to start doing some post-exam workout after living in such unhealthy regime! Nonetheless..

Wednesday, 2 May 2012

Foodie part one.

 These are some of the many cooking attempts during my many months' stay at Keele. I forgot to take a shot at some of my pasta dishes though. Hoo well. I play with food and all the seasoning that I have, hoping that they would turn out edible. All combinations seem to work on most days, Alhamdulillah. For me, I exceptionally love stocking up on celery because:

1) It has negative calories.
2) It lasts long than other vegetables.
3) It tastes good as it is as a snack and even better in soups.

Cherry Tomatoes Omelette  with Seasoned Cauliflower and Celery Sticks

Sausages in Chilli Coriander sauce, Broccoli & Celery broth with Brown Rice

Mackerel in Tomato Sauce, Seared sausages and Cauliflower, baked Wedges and
Salmoncakes with Brown Rice (dinner for two with Wida)

Grilled niblets, Egg Salad in Seasoned Olive Oil and Brown Rice

Half an Avocado in condensed milk!

Chicken in seasoned black peppercorn batter with seared Avocado, celery and coriander salad.

Grilled niblets, Egg Salad, Brown Rice and Sauteed bbq (dinner for two with Jan)

A true quote from a good friend of mine:
"I love the F word, Food" - Dalila

I also miss my mom and dad's cooking, so when I cook, I think of them and what they'd put to elevate the quality of taste! Thank you for the inspiration dear parents :D

Today, the second.

Wednesday, the second of May.

What was supposed to be an hour nap turned to be an hour and 30 min nap this morning. Yes I failed to sleep properly again for countless number of times already. But this is because, I fretted. Today was my Marketing Management group presentation and boy was it nerve-wrecking at first. Miss T said to the first group that presented that they set the bar really high, and she was right, they did phenomenally well in comparison to all the others including ours. However my group, consisting of Natalie, Jannah, Nathea and Jazilah were probably the only group in that time slot (9 - 11) that included humour! Alongside that we managed to include the necessary information in our marketing mix analysis. The best part of it all, we managed to make Miss T & Miss A (the beloved two assessors) laugh, twice! Overall the presentation could not have been better, Alhamdulillah it is over now :)

Soon after the presentation, Tay and I decided to have brunch - the usual salmon sweetchilli sandwich from Le Cafe. The other girls didn't join as they needed to rush off somewhere. Tay and I had the longest catch-up. It was an overdue catch up session..and interestingly enough, we got talking about the deep stuff i.e. spirituality. It was a conversation that, you know when you have memorable conversations that are... mind-numbing in a good way? Yes those kinds - because it makes you think, and reminds you about life and death. It's an opinionated conversation :D aside from that there are the updates of 'things we did over the Easter'. Not that mine was any interesting as I stayed in Keele but I did have my share of fun with the girls, so no complaints.

I then went back happily to my room and sit myself down to revise Spanish. My Spanish listening test is in about 14 hours from now. Took two one-hour naps during the day which were necessary.

My sister came on Skype, my mom and the cats too! Got to talk to my dad for a short while before he left for work. I miss home and so I blog my troubles away. It's just the time of the season - the exam season.