Sunday, 29 April 2012


 I could use a cupcake, or two. Best cupcakes in London town, Lola and Hummingbirds.


When you know you are full already, but there are more scrumptious food on the table, you fight by not helping yourself to another serving.

When you know how attractive the guys/girls in Hollister is, you fight by not looking and lowering the gaze.

When you know how some things annoy you, you fight by controlling your anger.

When you know how comfortable it is to sleep in till sunrise, you fight by taking wudhu straightaway for Fajr.

When you know how easy it is to make unnecessary conversations (i.e. gossiping) with friends, you fight by staying still and silent.

When you know how you're better off watching series or playing games, you fight by storming through your readings.

When you feel lazy, you fight for productivity.

When you feel like giving up, you fight and say "no, I will never."

What is this you fight with? What is it that every human being struggles with on a daily basis? It is the battle of themselves, the nafs, which lies in all of us. May Allah strengthen our Imaan to continue fighting this battle. A reminder to myself first and foremost.

When enough is enough.

What is ever enough to people?

Gandhi does have a point on (along the lines of) "earth unable to provide or satisfy humans greed." Nothing can satisfy a persons' greed because nothing will ever be enough to them. As humans living on a temporary scale called the world; contentment should found from within. No one can ever feel content if they are unhappy with what they have because it does not lie in material, tangible things.

Monday, 23 April 2012

Oh mothers.

Oh mothers, the strangest creatures according to Abdul Nasir. They are strange in the sense that mothers have the capability of loving their children unconditionally even when they don't say it. We inevitably cannot live without them. We were once helpless. There is nothing we can do on our own.

This is a video that really touched my heart how we as children have to be obedient. I will always love you for the sake of Allah mom. Reminders are always good.

"If your parents are displeased with you, Allah will be displeased with you too." - (Narrated by Abdul Nasir)

Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Summer 2012.

Exams then Summer in Brunei! InsyaAllah, it's all happening too fast. So eggsiting!

Sunday, 15 April 2012

The 15th.

Un mes. One month :)

Tuesday, 10 April 2012

My heroes.

Caption says, "our father, our hero."

I love you daddy and mommy for carrying me. Literally carrying me into this world, from the day I was born. Shukran, jazakallah khayran <3

To keep up!