Sunday, 25 March 2012

A pleasant unexpected surprise.

I didn't understand how, what and why?! Two weeks have passed since the 5th of March and to my surprise, I was surprised... again. This time by Nathea for going out of her way to organise and gather the people close to me to a celebratory dinner :) Time and effort guys, thank you so much :')
Alhamdulillah, and I've family therapy already with Geah being the best roomie I could ever ask for. I miss her already as she left for Liverpool on Sunday but we'll reunite soon when I visit her in Liverpool this Easter! Yeaaay! :D

One sunny day with Geah :-)

The celebratory dinner that evening :-)

Friday, 23 March 2012

Flight flight.

I am beyond content because I just discovered that one of my closest friends will be in the same flight with me. It is none other than Miss Dalila! SO EGGSITING :D


Alhamdulillah, sesungguhnya aku sangat bersyukur. Sangat.

Thursday, 22 March 2012


How to wake up for Fajr - Khalif Yasin

Thank you dearest Hafezah F for taking 5 minutes of your time to post this awesome video! After watching this, I promised myself that if I ever fail to wake up again after taking the prerequisite steps, I deserve a tight smack on the face. No exceptions.

Everyday is a battle.


April's just around the corner! Marketing in Society rendezvous! Bring on 2000 words, or was it 3000? Oh my prospective accommodation is coming tomorrow! Hope I get Barnes X again. This is immensely annoying, what's annoying? How I sound. It is 2:53am in the morning.. and the sane train has boarded long ago. I now lost my train of thought. Goodnight.


The saying "as you get older, the more mature you get" does not apply to everyone because one can be considered old and still have the heart of a teenager! However with experiences, you grow. You grow out of things, out of the norm or just inevitably - grow.

I've grown after all I've been through I think, at least I think I do, I've grown. Let's all grow, mentally and if only, physically grow... grow taller that is.

Tuesday, 20 March 2012

My wonderful 21st.

Days before my 21st birthday, I hopped on a train to London with two of dearest ladies, Jannah and Idah early in the morning. I still quite remember that Friday morning, carrying my suitcase, getting into the cab, and experiencing the journey to London! Effectively, that weekend was also Bnight! So how grateful that it fell on that particular weekend. We stayed at this hotel in Earl's Court which is a tad far from the places we normally go to - Paddington Basin, Bayswater and Oxford however it did not ruin the 3 day unplanned trip. Saturday - we had lunch in Banana Tree, a gourmet Indo/Malaysian cuisine famous for its Laksa. While waiting for our food, a waiter came up to our table and talked about a cake? I pretended to not have heard what he said to Jannah and Idah but couldn't help chuckle. After eating our food, a cake was served and there lit three candles. I did not expect (apart from hearing the query from the waiter) or see anything as such coming especially having this all done in advance :') My London trip was more than I could ask for. Jannah also introduced me to her friends, some of which shared their knowledge and wisdom and again, I couldn't have asked for more. I love you girls. It was a perfect getaway. .

Thank you <3

By midnight, on a Sunday I arrived back at Keele! I thought to myself how much of an awesome start my 21st was, and even though I didn't have my birthday date stated on Facebook, it was touching to be able to see several greetings :') Towards the end of my birthday, that Monday night, I had saved a birthday voice mail sent earlier but I purposely intended to listen to it minutes before the end of 5th of March. It was a birthday voicemail by Dayat, Mahyu and Adri :) and in that moment, I finally realised I just turned a year older. Poo. Nonetheless,

Thank you Jannah and Idah for a well-spent weekend..Dal, Jat, Tay and others for your duas, posts, msgs, whatsapp, calls and emails! May Allah bless each and everyone of you. Alhamdulillah.

Come in threes.

Once upon a triplet! With Jajat, Daldal and Pahpah (me lol)


I think we need to learn to appreciate. Appreciate what we have. Especially to the people that are dear to us and all the things they have gone through to make an impact in your life, even if it is a minor thing such as lighting a smile onto your faces. There are a multitude of people I would like to say how I much I appreciate them without sounding too deep.

To start off, the colossal appreciation to my parents for infinite love, life and support and with everything in shaping the family in which words can never be enough to depict. Sister, the listener and person I confide to, 80% of the time. My cats bring happiness simply by being cute and cuddly. Bestfriends and friends I have and have made along the way, it is with their existence that makes it seem easier to get by.

Most prominent appreciation would be The Creator. It is because of His creations, that allowed us to feel contentment. Alhamdulillah.

"Remind me, remind me for I am a forgetful being" because sometimes we forget that it is the people in your life that counts the most. Can you appreciate those around you too?

...even if the skies get rough

Jason Mraz - I Won't Give Up

My sister should cover this song :)

Thursday, 15 March 2012


With hooliganism being a trending topic a week ago lead me to discover the preposterous act of our Bruneian citizens during the football semi-finals and finals. In only that particular time did I felt a strong discontentment. I was delusional with what I read and heard at first about how people were acting in such preposterous way amongst other fellow beings however it sunk in anyway. I hope the other affected nationalities are forgiving enough. Prior to this, pray that history will not repeat itself and for issues as such to be rectified by the authorities. Brunei's team may have won, "but in the moral conduct we have failed. Miserably." - quoting a friend from facebook, Zaidah. I couldn't agree more.

Nonetheless it does not make me love Brunei a little less, known for its code of conduct (MIB), protocol and adab in which we perceive the nation to be. May peace be upon Brunei! Amin :)