Sunday, 22 January 2012


What it means to be yourself?

I think one can be their self entirely if they're comfortable around the people they encounter with. When you meet new people, it can take an awful lot of time to blend in and mould to the likings of a person, some may be heedless to that phenomenon and go with the flow. Some can connect in an instant! Some would only act within the confines of their own world. It is hard not knowing how people's perception of you and what belies within the thoughts, so you tend to represent the best in yourself. And I'm not sure if that is what it means to be yourself? It is definitely not fake but at the same time, there is the dire need to be at your best behaviour without portraying any flaw that you think you have. In other words, the use of diplomacy. But diplomacy is not enough on its own. The extra bit of kindness and respect with good intentions is important.

What are we as humans (to remind you of your existence) and what does it mean to be yourself is a question I tend to ask myself. We know our own attributes and it is to the people that we are comfortable with who are able to see beneath the surface. Along the way, I have made quite a few friends that had look beyond what they initially perceive of me as (an immensely shy individual) and by that I am grateful. These two girls are one of the few!

Erks, braids in jubah...hehe thanks to Idah.

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