Sunday, 22 January 2012

Embracing exams!

University is a stage in one's life where everything is solely based on you.
Being independent, and exerting that dependence to your actions.
The future like any other stage in ones life, is in your hands.
Reminder to the self, first and foremost,
To breathe in the modules as soon as it starts.

Exam preparations was mortifying ya Allah but with His mercy, I did not find myself in a state of debacle instead calmness and contentment at times. Although there is always that feeling in the pit of my stomach after writing the paper that you could have done better if you had instilled that "tomorrow's going to be an exam" kind-of regime from the start of the semester not a month before exams. Nonetheless, semester one is over apart from anxiously waiting for the results.. Now, onto semester two which deserves even better care and attention. It is simply not enough to just get by.

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