Saturday, 10 December 2011

Even silence has its rhythm.

As I sit, third row from the back, a sudden bliss fills the self. Being in solitude, well not exactly because I'm accompanied by two other good lively friends, Idah Z and Jannah W and a whole lot of studious other beings, its a nice environment to be in. The isle of the books all coherently and properly aligned. The white light intensifies your view to a certain extent. This is a place to learn and concentrate, a place to arbitrate knowledge with others too. If you're wondering what this place is, it's the library.

Madam J and her posse'

Wednesday, 7 December 2011

Blame the marketers.

Tay and I spent the last 2 hours of the night...literally browsing through Debenhams dot com via Skype. The skincare beauty products all have 15% discount in them and comes with free shipping too. Right, right who needs to get out of the comfort of your own home when you can do everything via online.

I'm super torn between Clarins, Origins and REN! All descriptions are too good to have any doubts on but some reviews say otherwise, hmm.

Not long till'.

Two more weeks till the ultimate three-week-break but in the hopes of using this time as effectively as possible, I will have to forgo that fun time - (i.e. slacking and traveling to LDN for the shopping spree or namely 'boxing day') as exams are practically around the corner. Oh poo, that's fine by me I guess.

I'm more excited for the fifth of January because it is the release of Grey's Anatomy's Episode 10, Season 8! Whoop-dee-doo! This sequel should be good as they took two months after the last episode to release it. Taking that long seems forever for someone who watches GA religiously!

I miss watching the doctors in action...and Mc Dreaaaaaaamy too!