Tuesday, 27 September 2011

Sebagai seorang anak.

Sayangilah, hormatilah, hargailah...
Betapa pentingnya keberkatan ibu bapa.
Keberkatan mereka yang tidak boleh di jual beli.
Dimana keberkatan mereka dapat mempengaruhi hidup ke jalan yang sempurna
Kerana ibu dan bapa, saya disini.
Kasih sayang mereka yang tidak dibelah bahagi
Sebagai seorang anak, ku sanjungi kedua ibu bapa ku ini.
Hanya Dia yang mengetahui.

-Aufa S-

Baw bye.

I'll miss everything about my lovely country.
I'll miss the food, the atmosphere, the people.
I'll miss the big events.
I'll miss driving.
I'll miss waking up to my cats.
I'll miss my mom's beautiful loud voice telling my sister and I to hurry whenever we're about to go out.
I'll miss grumbling when I don't feel like doing chores and yet still do it willingly as I'm obliged to.
I'll miss my dad asking a question or telling me something repetitively.
I'll miss searching for his Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday...and all the days medicine box. (which he is bound to lose at least 3 times a week)
I'll miss making covers with my sister, singing the songs we feel like singing.
I'll miss Momo randomly calling me and showing up by surprise.
I'll miss having to scoop my cat's dung.
I'll miss breathing in Bengkurong Masin and the traffic it brings in Bunut.
I'll miss my friends.
I'll miss my family.
I'll miss my family bickering love.
I'll miss everything.

And it'll be just months' away till I am reunited with all the things I've missed as listed above, insyaAllah.

Monday, 26 September 2011

Exercise put offs.

The sweat is sticky and when it lingers on my body, it annoys me.
The heavy breathing tires me out, knowing that my heart's pumping blood twice as fast.
My feet aches from all the walking.
I hate the glare from people knowing that I'm not as fit and don't have what it takes. (Oh the insecurity, trust me, the fit people weren't naturally born fit)
But in spite of exercise, where I rather be on a couch than tire myself out, where I rather have my eyes do all the exercising by watching the telly...with endurance and discipline, there is nothing I cannot handle.
An attitude like that for a year, slit my wrist if you are not able to run by then.

-Aufa S-

Old runner geezer.

I never thought I'd have to face such dilemma, knowing that there is no question or doubt about their intellect abilities. A sharp brainiac that I simply adore and look upto but yet still lacking one simple simple aspect in, their health. What can you do if they don't give a rat's butt about it? Ofcourse we're humans, and we have flaws, we are far from perfect but we got to improve daily by avoiding the same routine and try to eradicate those flaws. Maybe add greens to your meal, take up a sport, or a hobby. Or even a rule to climb the stairs five times daily is a good start. A good start however is not enough, God no.

I wish they have one of those guides to persuade people into losing weight for the long-term and not only feel like they need to get serious when they fall ill. (Nauzubillah). Humans are like that, we forget the pain we had to undergo, we forget how it happened. Why it happened. Who helped us get through it when it happened. Speaking for myself as well and not just my dad. It's like when my stomach feels bloated, only then I pay more attention to it by exercising. Or when it feels like being stabbed by a dagger causing a stinging gaseous pain, only then I feed the stomach. So no more of that, because it will eventually hurt me and worry everybody else.

When it comes to exercising, you may not have time but what I learnt is that you got to make time for it. Surely that 75 year runner old geezer started off with brisk walking. (Inspiration: http://oldmanrunning.org/2011/08/eased-back-into-running-with-60-minute.html

Monday, 19 September 2011

"Like an aeroplane, I took flight."

Probably one of the hardest new songs to cover. My sister's been trying to get the right note from the verses to chorus. Either way, it's a lovely song with corny lyrics. Kinda takes me back to the time I was sixteen/seventeen.

Winston Churchill.

The simplest wallpaper I love!

Bags are packed (not)

Exactly a week from now till its time..to embark. Everyone keeps reminding me ): I haven't even packed a single thing, and every time I put something in the suitcase, I take it out again throughout the week.

I'm diagnosing myself with a packing disorder.


To this day, I still cannot believe I have obtained one of the most important requirements to be considered as an applicant. I almost lost hope after my third attempt in acing the substantial requirement, Malay O's. After getting three D's in two consecutive years for Malay, I took one more try in the month of June '11 and to me, that was going to be the last try. There it was, as soon as the results came out, a C5; although it could have been better as two more marks would get me a B but it didn't matter at that moment in time. I remember fighting back tears as soon as I saw the C, knowing that would mean I'm one step closer. Never been that excited for a grade C before but this was an exception. The month of August was one of the highlights of the year. Getting Malay means being eligible to apply for scholarship, a job later on which requires Malay on top of other qualificiations but most importantly being able to discard the embarrassment for not having passed my Malay especially as a Bruneian Malay. Ya Allah, it really meant the world to me.

I thank Cigku Dyasha for all her encouragement and effort in gearing me up three months before the exam and my parents for always believing that I have what it takes to obtain at least a credit even after failed attempts. They've always believed that there is no excuse for not passing Malay even if I hadn't had any proper lessons within the last eight years.. and certainly, no proper lessons isn't a good enough excuse to not pass. Like anything in this world, nothing or no one has it easy or comes easy. Alhamdulillah.

Monday, 12 September 2011


When you've so many

Saturday, 10 September 2011

Raya 2011.

My raya has been gewd so far. As expected, I knew it was gnuh be good during Ramadhan. I got to go around ber-takbir with the family in my neighbourhood. It was double L, lovely and lively.


CAS come quick.
How long does it take to release few digits of not more than seven.
Why you gots to take so long?
Do you know I can't do anything without you?
VISA has been waiting for you since forever.
I need you now.