Thursday, 18 August 2011

Grub grub.

You know what is worse than the symptoms of PMS? It's when you're a lil too late in filling your tummy with grub. And then gastric strikes, and it's no use in trying to eat anymore because you'll end up puking everything digested. I highly doubt that anything is digested anyway if you try to eat last minute as I usually feel the food around my oesophagus. The only remedy is to have your stomach and the abdominal area massaged downwards in the hopes to get rid of the intestinal gas. I will never miss a meal ever again and go on without food for more than 21 hours, with the exception of fasting month. Once it's Iftaar, you have to at least eat some form of carbs, eat again after 3 hours and another after 7 hours (Sahur). The pain is a lesson learned.

Sunday, 14 August 2011

Ramble Damble.

Ever imagined yourself all of the sudden lost in thought, losing the essence of something, the momentum of what you work for all your life? It's almost unbearable and scary for a fact.

I was watching season five's penultimate episode of Gilmore Girls where the lead character, Rory, a hardworking, straight-A student investing all her time and effort in working her way up, only to see her leave it all behind. She started off entering one of the most selected highly reputable highschool and getting into one of the Ivy League universities in order to fulfill her aspirations into becoming a journalist. After her 2nd year in Yale, she decided to quit all due to one criticism from the big man in the newspaper industry who happened to be her boss during her internship in one of his firms. He told her that she doesn't have what it takes to become a journalist. This therefore got to her, and what she has been working for her entire life to achieve this dream has finally taken a halt. Okay, that's an entire episode told but the point is, how can one silly remark effects a beings' decision.

Such constructive criticism is obviously wrong as he formally explained that it's based on his gut. Guts can help but it certainly doesn't determine someone's capabilities. Sometimes judgment imposed onto someone will surprise you. I'm far from the girl Rory is, but if a straightened-out student like her can falter, it makes you reflect on yourself and hope nothing as close as that comes in the way. Either way, we have to get it into our minds that we simply cannot please everyone.

Unknown diagnosis.

Personally, it's better to be diagnosed with something than having to suffer from an unknown pain. Where it originated from and the possible cause of it are all left unknown. I mean, if you were diagnosed with a disease at least you know there is treatment for a cure. As for the latter, its the total opposite where all we can do is hope and pray for it to miraculously heal ofcourse with these four factors predominantly put into place: doa, usaha, istiqamah and tawakal. Four factors that applies to pretty much, everything.

Friday, 12 August 2011

Greatest test.

The challenges bestowed upon us all,
Are never easily adjourned
Whereby they, have always been great.

To only You we seek guidance from
By continuously feeding the soul,
With prayers every single day
And the thought of You,
Every second of the day.
Ya Allah.

Aufa S.

Sibling Rivalry.

God knows how much I have written about my sister, mere the sad and happy thoughts. We've gotten into numerous of disagreements lately about the littlest things and end-up ignoring each other for days' at time. Maybe it's my fault for getting upset if say, her things are scattered around my table for hours or the slant on my carpet caused by her. It's time to take petty things a tad lightly, after all I'm the eldest and I really can't bear to get another "masa-Ramadan-pun-kan-kelahi" lecture from mom. ):

Patience is a virtue.

Wednesday, 3 August 2011


As much as you can, as much as you like. That's the benefit of filling yourself up with water, zero calories guaranteed. Although I wonder how much can one drink? Especially during this fasting month. I wish there's an exact amount to drink during Sahur that can help eradicate the thirst away throughout the day. I think two big bottles of water should do, but going to that extent would really affect the bladder inevitably, peeing every millisecond. Ho well.. that's what it takes.

Water has been the only thing I look forward to start off with as soon as it's Iftaar, second to dates. Thank goodness. Then only other edible things start to become more appealing after few hours or so, an appetite which I couldn't be more happier about considering how much of a big eater and a hopeless foodie I am :D

3rd Day Ramadan.

Monday, 1 August 2011

Ramadan 2011.

I just scoffed one curry puff and downed half a bottle of water as I've pretty much 15 mins left till Imsak. I'm stoked that it's here, that time of year again, Ramadan. May all our prayers be easily blessed in this holy month :)

Ramadan Karim!

Embark in striving for success.

The wait is over..I can now eat a little more at ease, breathe a little more with peace, and shut my eyes..and there, I shamefully have ran out of anecdotes. The class of BA Common Yr 1 has finally graduated from LCB, Alhamdulillah. And now, all's left for us is the wait for offers from univs for 2nd year direct entry some of which my mates have already received. Congratulations!

I had to give a 2mins and 30secs speech on the day of graduation to don't-really-know-exactly-how-many-people-but-it-sure-was-more-than-a-sea-of-seated-people and to this day, I'm glad to have made it through in one piece. Although I could have sworn my voice broke halfway, but thankfully managed to gain all my composure back. Thanks to my dad, mom, sister, Thea, lecturers & colleagues - the people I primarily focused on throughout the entire speech as they had this grin that helped calm my nerves down. It was one daunting experience, nonetheless I'm grateful to have gone through it, quoting Winston Churchill while I'm at it.

The many eggsaited faces.

A moment.

Alvin, my fashionable-always-ending-up-having-the-same-grades buddy!

I pray that our next undertaking will be as inspirational as our academic year in LCB.