Monday, 25 July 2011

Four more days.

Graduation day is in four days, and that pretty much wraps up my time attending lectures, meeting deadlines and preparing for finals at the Laksamana College of Business. Oh, what a whimsical-stressful-but-worth-every-minute ride it has been and I can't wait what my upcoming institution has in store. If I could at this very moment in time, I would chant 'through it all, we did it guys!' to my former BA Common Yr 1 colleagues whom had made my time even more worthwhile throughout my academic year. :)


The passing of one of the great talented singers, Amy Winehouse got caught in an almost incurable disease called... addiction. I've always respected her as a performing and recording artist despite her dilemma with the tabloids. You will certainly be missed.

Saturday, 16 July 2011

The unwanted pain.

The ache on your back. That throbbing pain surrounding your abdominal area. This in turn affects your relationship with food. You may want to gobble everything you see, or some rare cases, you may also despise every edible thing you see. That unwanted pain prone to mood swings, irrationality and simply a killjoy to human nature. It's the time where you are easily aggravated over the slightest matter and regardless on what you wear, cake of make-up you apply, you'll still feel and think you look like crap. The power of PMS.

Some are good at covering every ounce of symptoms in and be at their best professional state but at the end of the day there is nothing more than to cuddle in bed, drinking a hot cup of ginger water with a good book to read or series to watch. These suffering beings in dire need for bed-hot-ginger-drink-good-book-series, are best left alone. I'm sure the ladies can feel me.


This is Suits. An intellectually challenging, humorous, enigmatic, legal mind tv series. Brilliant casts and to die for suits. My new hotshot series to watch this summer!

Braidy bunch.

Thank you Harirah for doing my hair. You know how to do a fishtail braid and I don't, you rock sister.

Saturday, 9 July 2011


Currently reading this captivating book on fulfilling your dreams and destiny as it says in the book and as I was reading, there's one sentence-structure error in one of the quotations.

The ninth line from the right hand side. "I'm not saying you that have to leave the legal profession tomorrow..." is what it's stated. Shouldn't 'that' come first before 'you'...hmmmmm. Or maybe there is such a sentence structured that way.

Homemade patties.

I made homemade patties, well chicken patties. As for the condiments, I added a hint of Mediterranean spices onto the minced chicken and a dash of barbecue sauce giving it a bit of southern taste. Loads of shallots, oyster sauce, black pepper and half a spoon of honey. All stirred and scooped one-by-one just enough to fit the palm of my hand whilst adding on dabs of tapioca starch to help accumulate and shape the ingredients into nice balls of patty goodness.

Thursday, 7 July 2011

Smiling Orange.

There are so many things to be grateful for, firstly, it's the whole moving to the house the family's been longing for ever since it had been resided by a tenant. I remember two weeks after residing in Orange (I tend to name inanimate objects - though I don't think a house is an object, well it kind of is but it's called orange because it's painted in an orange color) so after moving to Orange, I remember Dad saying how we made it possible. Although the current state of the house when we first officially moved in here from the previous house was totally uncalled for; the state was preposterous and made us wonder what our old tenants could have possibly thought the place was for. But enough of that, we got over the fact at how badly the house was treated and infact amazed at how we made it possible to make it all homey again. Although there are still some things we have yet to unpack and organise, we couldn't be any more happier than the current-now state of it. Alhamdulillah.

Secondly, is possibly that we live without a maid. Not saying that it's good that Bibi S's unsteady bones due to old age that made it hard for her to ever work again therefore had to be sent home was a good thing; not at all but the fact that without a maid had taught the family to work together and divide all the household responsibilities, in which we are still working on. We had lived without a maid for quite a long time before and it felt like total choas back then but this time, it's easy peasy and worry-free.

Thirdly, possibly how the family from both parents are more closely integrated. I can't even begin to count the number of times mom's little sister came over which was rare back then moreover, allowing his lil sons to sleepover.

Forthly, it's easier for me to do my daily jog if I cannot make it to Stadium despite all the nasty chicken poop smell in some of the areas of the village.

They may be little things, but its these little things that the family of six (yes - including the cats) ought to be grateful for. I don't know about the cats, Keeley and Meeley but I reckon they inevitably, undeniably agree as they seem to be settling in just fine and continuously grow massive by the day.

Unbelievably terrifying.

There, the detriment of listening to rumours, stories and etcetera lead me to getting my facts wrong regarding yesterday's case investigation.

As I finished reading both Brunei Times and Borneo Bulletin, the story behind it was far different to how I pictured based on the stories that people had proclaimed it to be. Firstly, it was a woman in her mid thirties not an old lady, the place of which the incident had taken place wasn't in a clothing store but a salon that lies just above the clothing store where the deceased also resided. The way in which the reports were told; instead of a suicide attempt that people depicted it to be, portrayed a possible case of murder. That cover story frightened my sister and I unbelievably and thus, still doesn't change the fact that shivers were sent down our spine, this time more than yesterday because in under no circumstances are murder cases normal around the safe streets of Brunei. I hope the police force investigates further and get down to the bottom of this.

Wednesday, 6 July 2011

But why?

We're always certain that there are definitive answers to everything even if a meteor happens to pass and warps its way across the sky. So when it comes to suicidal attempts, are there answers for such actions taken? Not necessarily.

I went running today. The thought of 3.8km in 17 mins is saddening however if that was bad enough, it wasn't. Passing by a crime scene just after in the heart of town was what made the end of today even saddening. I wonder what has gone through the person's mind who had the audacity to disown herself from this life. And even though I didn't witness the incident, just by the commotion from others via tweets of said case had already sent shivers down my spine. What more having to pass nearby the area for a yoghurt drink to where the incident had taken place; surrounded by a sea of concerned and curious individuals.

For a curious-however-scared-20-year-old, I can always wait for tomorrow's paper to find out the story behind the incident and get it into the mind that these things happen, not everyone can be grateful happy bunnies, that people do these things although rare in this country - they happen even though the idea of it is one of the utmost nonsensical act in the world. Only to leave me and everyone else asking, 'why?'

Although the story behind it will be reported on the news and papers with possible causes added on, we'll still never be able to really know the definitive reason that triggered her to act upon her doing. Bless the lady.