Sunday, 17 April 2011

My Sunday

A week ago, dad said we'd join the walkathon/5km run. We'd wear green to represent MOFAT. The energy to run my first marathon springs right through me throughout the week. That's what you get for expecting too much in anything really. I was just that excited the fact that it would help me train in advance for the 8km run next month. So today, it was cancelled, either we go or the car will break down but it could have been solved as the other car was available and mom only used 10 mins before noon. If Babah's reading this, the guilt shall sink in.

Wednesday, 13 April 2011


We can't see through a broken glass.
The thought, perception of ones eyes.
Behind every smile lies a story.
Filled with angst, sorrow and all the glory.
To one can be too precious to tell
And another, meaningless in every corner.
The saying is to always move ahead.
And never give up, as life's a silver lining by a thread.

- Aufa S

Standing, smiling.

I guess you can never really have a bad day. There are always things that can compensate that thought of a bad day with something better. For me it's what the cats do. They don't even have to do anything, simply by being themselves can easily swipe away bad thoughts. Tay brought this topic up, since we're both animal lovers, the conversation always sort of ends with a cat talk. Imagine talking about studying and stressing out on assignments to the art of jealousy in cats and dolls' dresses worn by her first cat. Hands down cute.

Monday, 11 April 2011

Question Mark.

Mozilla or Google Chrome?
Hull or Keele?
Marketing or Quantitative Analysis first?
Chocolate of Vanilla?
Pink room or White room?
Meeley or Keeley?

Some of the random things that needs to be well-thought as each has its own opportunity cost but for some things, it's almost impossible to opt or prioritize only one, for instances Meeley or Keeley.


Made plans for tomorrow as tomorrow's lecture free (for first batch presenters only) but I'm forced to cancel. Sucks big time but it's okay!

Thursday, 7 April 2011


It has been an unimaginable exhausting week. Just last week I've been dreading for this week to come and now that this week is over and done with, I look back feeling immensely grateful as ever. I survived.

I've got two more reports down the line due in three weeks' time that has been ringing like crazy at the back of my head. I shall give it a day or two before cracking on it.

Meet Meeley.

I know I wrote with pure passion and great emphasis about how no other cat can top Keeley. She is is still the best of the best, but just about three weeks ago our kind neighbour's Bibi knocked on the door handing a kitten who was just about four weeks old.

She said she had kept this adorabe lil creature for us so if my mom agrees in keeping her, she'll be more than welcome to give it. So my sister and I spent time with Meeley and thought of ways to convince mom. When our mother arrived, a smile was planted on her face and I could tell she wanted to keep Meeley too provided if we potty-train her etc. Keeley wasn't too pleased ofcourse, but it has been five weeks since and they're getting the hang of each other! They're both now too precious to me.

Monday, 4 April 2011

Body's so tired but mind's running preventing from sleeping. My presentation in a few hours,