Wednesday, 30 March 2011

Biz Accounts,

I have to try to fit in 750 words for each section. Going over the word limit would cost me two percent off my total mark for each word that's beyond the required limit, 1500. Why can't we write at our own free will without taking the number of words into account? Restricting the number of words makes things complicated but either way I've learned my lesson and I cannot afford to lose marks again for something as minor as going overboard the word limit and forgetting the prerequisite requirements like referencing.

Hats off.

Apart from running marathons before turning a quarter of a century years old, there's another thing that's out of the world intriguing to me ever since I was a kid and that is to be able to dance close to as dope as this. The divine moves and breathtaking choreography all synchronized together is simply amazeballs!

Meeley is another addition to the family.

Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Deteriorate yourself.

There are so many things we take for granted, one of the things is our body. By sleeping late, you're risking yourself of getting a headache. By eating alot, you owe your body for having to carry all the weight around and risking a few organs. By not eating, you become anorexic risking alot more organs. By smoking and drinking, you're risking everything. Everyone knows it's harmful and yet people as young as fourteen do it? It is one thing to die from a disease and dying from indirect suicidal attempt. This is purposely deteriorating your precious human cells, knowing you're the cause of it. The problem is, it's personal choice.

Call me naive but prove me wrong if these demerit goods are goods that one cannot easily forgo once addicted. I have no words to do any justice because if I do, I may come off as judgmental to the ones I love and care about.

Friday, 25 March 2011

Wait up, time.

Time flies by so fast, and I tend to say this alot because that is a fact. When we are so caught up in what we do, that's when it moves at the speed of lightning. Time flies by so fast that you barely can see the sun rise and set. Having said that, sometimes, you wish time could double its speed up.

Finally one assignment down! That euphoric feeling has just settled but the thought of another four pending reports still on my lap simply ruined that lovely train of thought. It would be helpful if time could slow down preferably near the due date of these assignments and only after, speed itself up towards exams and summer! I cannot wait for summer.

Tuesday, 22 March 2011

Always bittersweet.

Parting ways is never a smooth ride. It has been exactly about a month & two weeks since and in some rare occasions, for some days, feels just like yesterday.

Sunday, 20 March 2011

Lifestyle wonders.

Ever fear of something you think might happen if the things you do or don't do prolongs? A lifestyle determines it all. However, to have faith and believe that giving up is never an option is always enlightening. Every little counts. It can be the books people read to get smarter. The extra walk from the car park to the flight of stairs you climb daily to get thinner. Everyday is a battle with everything around us and that includes food. Weight loss is a battle! Speaking of food, I too need to get in control of my body. The matter is ubiquitous but that's only because we love you and we as a family all need a..

good exercise and consume in moderation.

Saturday, 19 March 2011


McDreamy vs McSteamy

Some just beautifies with age but really, the exterior is not everything. As you progress through Grey's Anatomy, you'll know what I'm on about.

Friday, 18 March 2011


Considering the timing is always key when you feel the urge to vent because there are greater things occurring. It is always good for a change to really worry about the bigger things happening in the world, and the only thing to vent about is the fact that you feel useless here and can't do much to help out but to only hope and pray for everyone's well-being.

(taken from

"We will rebuild Japan from scratch," said Prime Minister Noato Kan. A week after the tsunami and they're still moving at a pace they are known for, not wasting a single minute. Amazing.

Little high, little low

Love is kind and patient. Not going to quote 'A Walk to Remember' but it is. It's not just kind and patient but also requires both parties to have a foundation of trust, support, respect, honesty, appreciation, integrity, happiness and a fraction of attraction. Values that matter to either one will also have to matter to the other. It doesn't change you as a person but if you do, it will mold you to be a better individual. You look outward together like bestfriends. I would like to think everyone's got their someone that would willingly make plans with them and it's okay to believe yours is somewhere out there in this planet called earth. To condense it all, no one knows better than you when you do know.

It is not even the time of the month yet and already slanted serving spoons annoy me, sappy talk and movies like Leap Year get to me followed by weird food cravings in the middle of the night.

The Mind

I never got the phrase living in the moment in time. It's hard to live in the moment when you have a picture planted inside your brain about how your day will turn out like, what you're going to do, who you're going to see. The brain thinks constantly, pressurizing the cerebral which in turn will work out for itself. That's the beauty of our god given brain, that I am and sure everyone else too are thankful for.

Thursday, 17 March 2011

No privilege

I have never been the type to leave a dispute hanging so I would wholeheartedly call it truce as soon as all the guilt sinks in. Whenever sibling rivalry arises, it's good to relate these conflicts with time. Petty or major matters, time doesn't wait for you and pride would brace itself along the lines of 'before it's too late'. Pms just cannot be an excuse for acting like one narcissistic young sarcastic granny and that has yet to be instilled. It's time wasted being angry at each other as opposed to filling with joy and laughter. I pick the latter and after all, you're my sister.

Tuesday, 15 March 2011


I like browsing on lovely dresses to distract me from thinking of my weight at such ungodly hour or food for that matter. On the other hand, a tool to motivate me to work extra hard so I could fit comfortably into my satin dress that's a size down my initial size which has been hanging for quite some time in my wardrobe. Out of all the dresses browsed tonight, hands down to the one in emerald.


On your feet

People say planning can be a disappointment, some live day-by-day, sun up and sun down routine. That is one way to live or look at it, never tried but I'm sure that works for some. I just think it's essential to know where you're going to stand tomorrow, a week or so, three months or even five years down the line. Like a sense of direction.

Monday, 14 March 2011

One day

I want to be able to run marathons before I turn a quarter of a century years old.

Sunday, 13 March 2011

Takes yourself to know

When your heart shuts itself up and the mind, body and soul takes over saying absolutely the opposite to what you feel, that's when you know it's about time to let go. Some things are just not meant to happen, no matter how hard either tries.

Friday, 11 March 2011

The Quake.

My heart goes out to Japan. Having to see the post effect from the tsunami traveling at 500 km/hr, live on CNN this afternoon, left my dad and I speechless. Based on the predictions about the earthquake and the people affected by it, left a slight numbing feeling. About ninety percent of twitterators covered the newsfeed with #prayforJapan in the hopes that it will trail away before it gets any further. From the looks of it tonight, there is thankfully a subtle change. To sum it all up, I can honestly say that we're blessed. Syukr Alhamdulillah.

Steal my records

I fell in love with the song after every verse. Funny thing with this was as soon as Paul from American Idol finished performing, I thought to myself that I just got to have this song so I paid extra attention when the judges started giving their constructive criticisms, in the hopes that they'll name the original singer and I could have sworn they said Bryan Adams. There I was, not knowing the name of the song, spent the last 15 mins of my night googling all Bryan Adam's tracks and nothing sounded similar to what I've just heard. Thankfully, by typing "Paul American Idol" which I didn't think of sooner, led me to this beautiful video on youtube. I then hit the converter button and downloaded what I was adamant to have in my iTunes/iTouch. The original singer turned out to be Ryan Adams.

There were a wide array of talents performing that night and this may not be as phenomenal as Pia's Celine Dion take or the R.Kelly attempt by Jacob, but Paul really delivered well with his high end, high-looking swaying sensational moves and such distinctive voice, and so this made me smile.

He resembles a bit like Bradley Cooper

This is an acoustic cover I really really like with its lyrics all tweaked to perfection. No harmonica though but he sure did the song justice.

Come Pick Me Up - Ryan Adams Cover (Clean Version) by Justin

Thursday, 10 March 2011


I hate the flu because I have to cling onto a box of tissue paper everywhere I go and I get annoyed by the sound of my nasal-like voice that keeps playing on repeat inside my head. To make matters worse, my hot date with statistics right now is not going anywhere. I think numbers made me ill.

Blues Clues.

It is never dandy all the way even when you try to make it seem like one. Moreover trying to claim that you had a good year is merely impossible. Anything can crop up, preventing that fact. I get good weeks but never a perfect month so the idea is just to keep on planning. Like the last time I would call a perfect week added up to be a bad month.

Everything-will-be-alright and the will-turn-out-fine card is the last thing anyone would want to hear after fretting over things and worries that matter to them but sometimes being taken by the hand with the reassuring saying, that everything will all be alright by the ones that matter is exactly what we need.


I told pretty much all of my close friends; along the lines of omg, we're now in our twenties and the next thing you know, we'll be talking over a cup of tea and sugar-free biscuits. But we have always envisage that earlier already, that there will be those catch-up sessions where you pick up where you left off often in years to come, from young adults to the years we start graying.

Cake, cake, cake

I ate about uncountable slices of this gorgeous-looking and sumptuous Red Velvet Cake three days in a row in between meals and savoured every bite, scraped each and every sprinkle and crumble off the plate. Thank you buddybeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee for being so thoughtful, making my 20th even more eventful than it already is.

Wednesday, 9 March 2011


I like watching people or animals resting they're pretty heads, feeling all comfortable and snuggly, ready to soar high into the sky, in other words, asleep. If you don't divert your eyes from the sleeping pictures for about 3 mins, you'll end up yawning. I don't know if it's due to the fact I'm sleepy or just plain bored.

Seriously though, there is tranquility in seeing anyone or anything sleep.

Enron down.

Doing things at the very last minute will sometimes bring no good but in some cases, it's that rush of adrenaline and anxiety that helps keep everything into place.

In a group of three, we only got crackin' on our assigned tasks; the Enron presentation on a Sunday. Expected to be presented on Wednesday. So today, thankfully it did go as we hoped it would. Though our slides were a tad simple, we were able to present without relying so much on the projector screen. Instead, we talked it through with the audience, which is what a presentation is pretty much all about. As elaborated and concise as we tried to make it seem, Fauzi, Nathea and I gave out a sigh of relief at the thought of being held captive for 13 mins done and over with. Also in the hopes that within that span of time, it is able help us with our final grades in the near future. I can now sleep without having to sleep with one eye open.

March is filled with assignments one after the other and here I am wondering whether I should consider that fact as a gift as a gentle reminder that I ought to start pronto.

Friday, 4 March 2011

The big two.

Oh, an emblem to stop at twenty-years-old, no?

Today marks the end of my teenage years. As the saying goes, "the older you get, the more responsibilities on your plate."

I'm elated at the thought of being, as my friend would call it "twenteen" but at the same time anxious on anything piled onto my plate. Unnecessary worries aside, another great year with heaps more to learn and look forward to in surviving the winding road called life. I am grateful. Big thank you to my friends and families for the kindest greetings and gestures via texts, tweets, posts and all other forms of wishes, making the turning a-year-older-thing a less of a daunting one. What a wonderful start to being twenty.

I now plan to sleep off the thought of the creamiest Oreo cake which appeared midnight that my dearest family surprised me with, where I regrettably, politely refrained from having no more than one spoon. It is now sitting in the cooler and waltzing around in my head, waiting for me to scoff a serving down in the next seven hours.

Thursday, 3 March 2011

Too good to be true.

For Financial Accounts, we were given a week to complete our 10 mins long presentation based on the documentary, Enron (The smartest guy in the room). We were assigned to each give an introduction, how the organisation had collapsed and what accounting concepts can be related to that of Enron's bankruptcy.

Operated by over 20,000 employees, lead by the top executives; CEO, CFO and the big men of the company, the natural gas and energy industry started off pretty well but greed got the best of them. Ignorant as human beings can be, they'd give in to anything even IF it was a detrimental to the citizens. Knowing how much access they have to perks and royalties gained, trust is abused and exemplary intelligence put to negative use. Values and morals were not by a bit considered, instead they created a fantasy land for the workforce, affirming to the society the idea of their success based on the rising stocks where in reality, they were in massive debt. However, it's not long until everything comes spiraling down.

This is a must watch. I went to the extent of clenching my fist at how KL, JS, all the associates and affiliates can portray such inhumane conspiracy act.