Monday, 28 February 2011


Care for McDreamy!! I got the entire season 2 that I will be watching everyday an episode before bed. It just gets better and better per episode and Meredith's deepshizbiscuits quotes are more meaningful than the portions of food I eat. If Grey's Anatomy was based on a book, I'd choose that over the series anytime.

When Grey's Anatomy started airing in 2005, I was too young to even understand what a biopsy or MRI were so didn't bother to follow. Those days were Lizzie McGuire and Rolie Polie Olie. Now it's the continuous running series with all the drama around it that's intriguing but there are times where I do flashbacks to the childhood days. Now, it's definitely goodbye to a line of boyband crushes, Gordo and Ethan Craft and the welcoming of Derek Sheperd and Dan Humphrey.


The term cute is so overrated but somehow it's alright to find some little things cute. There are several random things I always encounter that can make the stomach tickle, in other words cute.
  • It's when my sister pms-es over a small matter, tries to act all tough throughout the day but when night comes, she'll give the most innocent look and apologize with the intention to sleepover my room. Either that or raid the wardrobe.
  • It's when the parents joke around with so much love and respect for each other that even when dad's weight's brought up, they can laugh about it. Him knowing she means well.
  • It's when you're treated like a lady.
  • It's knowing how only either parents can calm each other down after either throws fits of rage.
  • It's when I'm woken up at 2am by the brushing of my cat's tail only to find out the next morning that she slept in the same duvet.
  • It's cute when one of my bestfriend waited for me in the exam hall eventhough she is desperation to want to use the loo.
  • It's when you just know your family and friends know you really well.
  • People in like like like are beyond cute as well but sadly this one is based on a series.

The list is endless, year to year. I can go on but for now, these are the littlest thing that I will have to proclaim as cute.

Round by chance.

Have you ever thought about wanting to make sense out of things? As stated in my all time favourite band Jimmy Eat World's song, Kill it goes like:

"Could it be that everything goes round by chance?"
"Or only one thing that it was always meant to be?"

Favourite part of the song. Stumbled upon this band four years ago when I was in my acoustic/rock phase. My sis would say, I finally have discovered my genre but to think about it, its the lyrics that matter and 25% of the tune. A hint of sentiment simply defines acoustic. Guess that's why I'm more fond of bands with originality like Dashboard and Switchfoot. Though I'd still prefer calling myself eclectic as I do listen to other genres and it would also mean appreciating other various kinds of music.

Totally strayed from said topic. Where? Making sense out of things, right. No answer, still dumbfounded but if it's one thing I'm sure of is, you can't put a halt on learning on the wonders of life. I've also been told one of the keys to survival is simply by observation.

Friday, 25 February 2011


Tumblr was sure fun while it lasted. It's quite complex to operate, hence THAT didn't last very long. I couldn't get around to writing without having to reblog everything and yet some didn't even pop up so I wonder how tumblr users like Harirah and Dalila could go about using tumblr.

In conclusion, blogging (although it has already lasted for a decade) is greater than all the gimmicks like tumblr.