Saturday, 17 July 2010

Baby Steps to Veganism Stardom

"Are you still a Vegan?".

As a wishful vegan, that question is what's current and most exciting (for me), the question that people tend to ask. I kind of regret blogging or telling anyone about it, because after 5 months without any animal derivatives in my diet, I finally caved in to chicken. From there, I thought, it's just a pinch, surely I won't be affected by it. But boy was I wrong, after chicken, eggs came into the picture. Since I already downed a pinch of chicken the other day, eggs should be harmless in comparison to chicken and so I thought. So there, I was helping myself to a serving of omelette. Then it became a habit to binge bit by bit, and so after weeks of being a partially crap vegan I finally concluded to screwing being vegan and started accepting everything again.

Not that I wasn't eating well and satisfied with my limited food components during my vegan days but you know the feeling when you dine out or when Mom makes your favourite dish that does not consists of vegetables but say, oxtail soup or curry. Yeah, that makes it hard to resist. The family told me that 5 months of being under vegetable's control was already an achievement but I beg to differ. I'm going to prove to my parents that just because I caved in, well twice doesn't mean I'm not going to pull off being one in the long-term, if I'm determined enough considering the multitude of health benefits.

This time, when the time is right, it's essential to take baby steps unlike the other two attempts where I converted overnight. Like Dad said, it's about slowly eliminating the food products. At the moment, I'm considering being pescatarian. I need my daily Omega-3.