Friday, 28 May 2010

Revision Week.

Hoping to be as productive as ever. There's 10 days left, divided into 3 subjects; that gives 3 days to recap each subject. I'm dreading for Quantitative Method to be over, the ridiculously annoying subject this semester as it involves Math. I thought I would be over and done with Math after O'levels, I now wish that I could regain the enthusiasm I had in Math two years ago but I'm currently facing a mental block. That's how it is with the human brain, things & topics we dislike are usually placed at the back of our heads where the chances of recalling is slim. Whereas anything we find interesting, will always remain stagnant. For me, I'm not a natural in I find this module quite challenging ever since my first lecture. Needing all the luck I can get, and not to forget the help from the dear past papers that I've been unwillingly practicing on.

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