Tuesday, 23 March 2010

Keeley The Cat.

New addition to the family. Her story is devastating, thinking back of how this lil angel initially got dumped aggravates me. Back in '09, the night before fasting month, as I recall; it was raining heavily. Something about that night, regardless of the pouring rain didn't stop my parents from throwing the garbage (that time we haven't hired the garbage collector so it was a routine to visit the dumpster every night of the week). The only time my parents were reluctant to throw was whenever the weather misbehaved. But on that very night; my mom was very persistent. The pouring rain and the time didn't stop her; it was 9:30 p.m, pretty late to drive simply to throw garbage. I personally wouldn't bother especially if it involves getting wet. She was persistent so my dad had no other choice but decided to go and insisted they go together. Little did I know, when they arrived there was someone/something crying. It was a lil kitty dripping wet on my dad's hand!! My sister was jumping in joy showering her, removing all the garbage residue from her fur. I then wrapped her around a towel, and cradled her until she fell into a deep sleep. We observed her, she appears to be mixed. Lucky!

According to my parents, my mom heard a crying sound when they reached the dumpster. Dad didn't hear it because he was too busy assorting the garbage in the car plus the sound of pouring rain over his hat didn't make it any better. My mom suggested they check underneath the pile of dump around the corner. So without hesistation, Dad took a peek and there it was, curled up into a ball. Someone must have ditched it there a week after her birth. Mom jumped out and gave the greenlight to my Dad. He then swept Keeley away with his bare hands. That's how she ended up in the family. I suppose it's what they call a blessing because she entered our life when we're not in our best state. We love the pampered, attention-seeker Keeley.

It has been more than 5 months now. She's as healthy as a horse but just 3 days ago, we took her to the vet to get her spayed! That is to avoid unneccesary litter, plus she isn't getting any younger. Keeley is now recovering well and her inappropriate desires has lessened. Mom certainly doesn't want anymore cats. Our very first and last pet, Baby Keeley.

Veganism and Sorta Productive

Last three days has been, well I suppose I can call it productive. All papers are filed, assignments (almost) done, room arranged; fitting to this week's taste. I may move the bed about though, just doesn't quite fit. Been quite active as well, least the treadmill's not lonely. Also now, proudly calling myself a Vegan. I have been discreet about my approach to food, telling only the very close family members and friends. Even when I do dine out with friends, it's not obvious that I am because I suppose I just don't want to jinx anything. Just this afternoon, my sister was feeling mischievous so she sorta shoved freaking chicken across my face. She claimed it to be accidental as her intentions was to distract me from glaring at her food. But yes, I got really annoyed and stormed out of the kitchen for 5 mins; then went back in and continued eating my lunch; Mashed Potatoes with Red Sauce and Vegetarian Sausages with Shredded Lemon Carrots on the side. A recent recipe I got from one of my awesome Vegan sites. The dishes can get very bland for my liking but hey, it's been 3 months now and I couldn't be happier.

I know, I know back in 2007 I tried being vegetarian and only after 44 days, I forfeited. That was a totally different approach though, I mean back then I had no idea how to properly eat in that manner. So the drawbacks I had to face was an eating disorder not vegetarianism. It was more or less starving myself than a so-called healthy diet. Now, more stricter on the food I consume, with sufficient knowledge on obtaining the essential nutrients, the outcome is rewarding. :D Couldn't have gotten this far without the support from my family. Mother who is always kind enough to get my beans for protein, spinach, greens, legumes. Dad, telling me how he's envious (yes, you did say that Bah) and willing to follow my footsteps one day, calling me Vegan Fox every now and then. Megan and Vegan, get it? haha. My sister is just plain annoying, challenging me all the time which does motivate me to prolong this further. Gotta love her for that. Vegan Rendezvous-!

Inspired by: Skinny Bitch by Rory Freedman and Kim Barnouin.

Monday, 22 March 2010

Long Weekend.

Lecture's out. College dismissed, what opportunity to catch up on books, series, movies and friends! However no, something just had to crop up every other day as soon as the week's been planned. It gets a little bit hectic at times because when everything is decided on the spot, the outcome can be deceiving. Same goes to planning. I was a planner for the littlest events that you can imagine. But if it doesn't; they say, 'go as planned' you end up feeling bummed out. Though some things you just can't help it from happening. So I took another approach to planning. Not the anal weekend planner, weekly basis. Yes, it's awesome to have a routine of our own but if not fulfilled by the hour, it's not worth the bummed out feeling. The approach I took on planning is the monthly basis. Wacky but worthwhile because within a month, you can adjust it 1-4 weeks beforehand to fit your needs hence no pressure there, in fulfilling of course.