Sunday, 3 May 2009

Swiney Flu.

Swine flu pandemic is at stage five.

The media and its overly awareness to the swine flu pandemic have been in the center of the public eye. With over 149 death rates from the virus and 2'000 people infected in Mexico alone in the month of April, it's no surprise why each and every state fastened their 'red light' in juxtaposition for its population. People from all over the common infected states such as United States, Canada, Kenya, South America, Europe and other Eastern countries are reaching its peak where swine flu's pandemic has affected it's people. What seems like a calamity for the population from these places, there's a realization that swine flu isn't as widely spread as it was stressed out by the media. Although the future is hard to tell henceforth scientists are momentarily driving their forces to come up with a cure to this out break. And so the story goes..

Saturday, 2 May 2009

Razli's Bash.

This blog is deserted as ever. Sorry~ especially to Rirah who is unable to track my everyday life and everyone who has been nagging my lazy self to update. My last post was regarding to how humans have the the tendency to desire what they can't have which is still solid true and credible. Well, I just had breakfast with Dalila. We had a long night last night with the gang. It feels awesome to be as a group again despite the fact that exam bells are ringing at the back of everyone's heads apart from lovely Kamal who had just finished her finals just yesterday. Goodluck to everyone on their upcoming finals. I'll need the luck too, Insya Allah.

Oh and~ Happy Birthday Razli Razak! :) Thanks a million for downloading movies, Mexican treaties and planting a smile on everyone's faces esp with the hat on. Hope you did have a blast with our presence. May Allah bless you always.

Birthday Boy


Cake people

A pose to remember yo

With Miss Mesmerized ;)

After the whole commotion, we spent the entire night chit chattering by the lobby simply to catch up and waste precious time till midnight. Jidi called it a night first and everyone followed his lead a few minutes after, as always. That ought' a do for a quiet Friday night.