Wednesday, 28 January 2009

Happy 20th Veronica B.


Someone who keeps up to my daily bickering, satisfy my hunger pangs, someone I confide to when I'm suffering from confidence disbelief. A partner in crime. Happy 20th Rads, may you be blessed with all the splendor life has to offer especially with me in it, no doubt your life will. Kidding...Thanks for always being there grandma. :) happy birthday. xoxo

Tuesday, 27 January 2009

Win-win Situation.

Human beings have this omniscient desire to have the things they can't have. That's the beauty of human nature. This comes in different types of desires mere miraculous desires like a relationship that they won't be able to obtain or luck related such as winning 100,000 bucks. Where the chances are just that narrow and luck being a factor dependent on are desires for majority of people on planet earth. After several thoughts, psychological conjectures to why we function that way, I've come to a very wise conclusion (haha).

We can't have everything we want and not everything will go our way no matter how much we opt for it. But then again, I believe in God's will as everything is in God's hands. There is this saying called destiny and fate. If you're destined to win 100,000 bucks, 100,000 on your door. If you're destined to be with a particular person, then it was meant to be. If you're destined to have 3 legs then 3 legs is what you have to live with. Destiny and desires do not go, in fact, they refract from each other and humans disregard that fact.

Say, a guy/girl you immensely adore where everything about him/her seems like the epitome of perfection but you've lost your chances and the desire to get them back is narrow. This is because by the time you've realized that you've made a complete mistake by forgoing the chance, she/he has moved on and there you are left dwelling over memories, etched with marks bringing you in mediocrity. Miserable. Incompetent. Dull. Lifeless.

Things doesn't have to happen that way with positive thinking but humans are determined, enjoys challenges especially for indifferent creatures called boys. Of course individuals differ from each other however there are similar characteristics in us. Think optimistically, feel grateful and list the pros and cons if you had what you wanted. It's not so bad if you think about it. Not until emotions start conquering our intellect minds, weakening us to unconsciousness. It has been proven that humans want what they can't have. Then when our wants are granted, a pang of realization will hit the pit of our stomach and that's when dissatisfaction blossoms. An attitude discouraged by Islam.

The best advice for this is to keep the unrealistic desires locked up with a key in the pent of our heart. Only yourself know better, not everything is achievable. It's different in the context of getting amazing grades where it acquires perseverance but anything involving luck, love, friendship are sometimes inevitably unobtainable in life as we may not be destined to it. We perpetually go against that, still desiring for what we can't have which will only lead us to a miserable life. That's a fact based on friends' and families' past experiances. The babbling ends here.

Tuesday, 20 January 2009

Gaza Attack.

3 weeks of incredulous bombing attacks in Gaza had finally come to a halt. Praying that all the donations, petitions signed, endless prayers for our dearest brothers and sisters' sufferings can be overcome with the help given worldwide but not I, nor anyone that hasn't set foot there can comment on anything despite feeling sorrow and relieved that the Israelis had pull away...for now.

The UN's secretary-general Ban Ki-Moon, other humanitarian campaigns etc and people with a sense of humanity believed that it should end. Barack Obama didn't have any say in this matter thus quoted that "there can't be two leaders to follow". President Bush, who clearly encouraged the ceasefire still dominated presidency until the 20th of January. Ban Ki-Moon claimed that it had reached to an "unbearable point" and told the Isreali's defence that it was a "grave mistake." There was an unprecedented death toll in Palestine with 1100 people deceased, 2964 people injured and alongside that; 13 Israelis died in the battle from their unnecessary justified defeat. I've only researched the casualties to this ceasefire, however the main cause is the vested interest to conquer, defeat and despicable claiming of authorities. Ehud Olmert, Israeli's Prime Minister had told reuters that thier soldiers had pulled out of the Gaza Strip but will be prepared if another attack is ought to come.

Looks like there is a lack of satisfaction here but nevertheless the picture (inset) speaks for itself. Taken on Monday, 19/1/09 where Former Prime Minister Ehud Barak and Prime Minister applauded that the operation in Gaza was a "job well done." I repeat "job well done". While we people, regardless of religion, ethnicity or origin are mourning and praying for peace and seemingly, this is a "job well done" to them. Unbelievable.
Taken from BBC

Just hope whatever gibberish their next strategy is won't be attained that easily this time in God's Will. Insya Allah.