Friday, 26 December 2008

Guilty As Charged.

I missed ritual tahlil every Thursday nights in Bruhall twice in a row now which leaves me with a thwarted feeling with guilt burning down my throat. Not that I deliberately missed tahlil, I kind of did have a valid reason but it could have been overcome if I were diligent and assiduous with the commitment that I've set myself into. Darn, I miss Babah saying, "I'm disappointed in you, "- I miss that sadly. Oh my apologies to my dearest Amal Izzati too. =(

Boxing Day today was entrancing to me as items were sold up to 75%! I didn't spend more than 30 pounds though in Selfridges which I'm gladly proud of! I only got a red, sassy Paul Boutique bag from 58 pounds to 25 pounds. What a bargain I thought. So there I was hanging on to it whilst browsing other boutiques with Najihah by my side asking me whether I'm getting the bag or not every 15 gleeful minutes and not to mention her other phrase, 'I miss my boyfriend'. Hahaa kidding Naj. I hung on to the bag as I was reluctant at first but after emptying my bladder, I decided that this is it. I want this bag, I'm getting it. Not that I'm implying miraculous decisions always happens in the toilet. It's weird though, because my fondness for the bag grew stronger after that. So guess what? I got the bag. I'm not usually repetitive but it is a lovely bag I got. Anyway, it's only the first day they say, save it for the best reduction prices in the few more days to come meaning tomorrow. Got the intention to spend more dosh tomorrow if the adoring ladies are up for it; Afta and Amal M since we haven't been out shopping together yet. I'm assuming they're outstanding shopaholics from the looks of today's goods. :) And if I do catch up on pastpaper questions tonight.

Another major concern happening at the moment back in Brunei: My dad being admitted to the hospital for treatment! He's recovering by the day, Alhamdulillah. My family hasn't been updating me with anything apart from "don't worry, he's healthy as a horse". All I know that it may be due to the lack of physical movement, restraining his feet from moving in propensity with his figure. Nothing is impossible Bah; you can shed those extra pounds. We love you and we have faith in you just like you have in us to fly the colors (do well with flying colors- incase you don't get the lame joke). It makes me sad not being there to nurture my dad. My mom always tells me not to worry, though it never helps.

Tuesday, 23 December 2008

Substantial Food.

Aside from organic chem which I think I deserve a 4 hours break from thinking and attempting to grasp it, I've been thinking about other factors such as substantial food. Noticing how my face changes to what I consume makes me grin because if it looks round, I know I was eating the wrong things. Here's a type of food classified as one of the substantial food that eminently works for me, to work those cheekbones without making it look skeletal.

When you feel like nibbling to something, nibble on nuts! Not only it suppresses hunger and contains anti-oxidants in them but it exercises your face muscles too by the constant grinding of your teeth. It's effective that I don't need chocolate to keep me going during revision. Works for me. hahaha, insanely nuts? I know.

Organic Chemistry.

AAAA! Organic has never been easy ever since I started doing this Chemistry course. Grasping the linkages is the hardest bit. At least I tried everything I could, drawing up the reagents and conditions of each reaction which is over 10 reactions to remember for one stinking paper. I've inquire with seniors that have experience on this intricate A level Chemistry course, some work for me and some don't. I'm not perpetually like this, but this time I'm desperate to have reactions lingering in my head in preparation for the exam. At this stage, to get an A is below average for me. Thinking its about time for me to love what I'm doing that way I won't be restricting the knowledge from entering my head.

if only it was as easy as A, B, C....any solutions? "Just Learn It" (that's what my dad will utter belligerently)

Monday, 22 December 2008


10 past papers left consisting all of Unit 4 Chemistry. Planning on doing 4 today most likely in the gym. My weekends weren't spend so much outdoors even though the weather seems gorgeous outside, no climate changes, just plain cool and breezy lovable weather. *thinking of a shopping spree* No, I must have the strength to stay in as much as possible, that way I don't have to spend a dime, haha not that I'm broke or anything, just saving up for 'boxing day'. :)

So it's Monday and I've got all the food I need right here, oh and did I mention? My adoring mother packed four boxes of foodstuffs from Brunei via cargo from one of the diplomatic officers that had just started his contract in the UK. Thanks Uncle Omar for your generosity to include my things. To my surprise, it arrived about 3 days ago but little did I know about its arrival, so I'm assuming it reached here today. Without hesitation, I grabbed a trolley provided by BruneiHall, and brought all four heavy boxes to my room, (remind you they were placed across the lobby in the guys side) all in one trip! heehee~ and boy' was I glad to find bottles of hot sauces, 2 boxes of instant noodles, multitude cartons of soya bean, biscuits or shall I say, bisquats. My all time favorites which either can't be found here or is sold ridiculously expensive. I couldn't thank my mom and dad enough, it has always been their habit to overload the family with food. Guess that I won't be grocery shopping in a while. hehe

After my euphoric moment of appreciation, I had to come to a halt of cleaning and rearranging the items before it became unstoppable as a I have a tendency for perfection. Haha. I then continued on doing my work which seems endless at the moment. Now its Monday and plans are so overdue. My plan is to at least step out of BruneiHall and study elsewhere, shotgun: the gym. blegh!

Sunday, 21 December 2008


The movie 'Twilight' is now showing in cinemas since the 19th here in the UK. I watched it on the day itself and man, it was AWESOME. In the cinema, I kept the multitude of thoughts in my head, shrieking at certain intervals. Thankfully I wasn't the only one in the cinema that expressed the twilight effect. Having read Twilight, New Moon and Eclipse, I'm halfway through reading Breaking Dawn. I guess I'll be able to recommend the series to anyone who enjoys vehemently mind boggling, romantic epic genres with a sudden twist in it. Not to mention tremendously descriptive.

The movie directed by Catherine Harwicke was made warily, putting each scene as a highlight throughout the movie. She surely pulled it off professionally. The casts too were irrevocably amazing. Simply speechless as I'm still in the phase of adoring Stephanie Meyer for being able to present such great books remarkably, and my undying love for Edward.
Rating of the movie: 7/10
Rating of Twilight the book: 9/10

"And so the lion fell in love with the lamb," - Edward. "What a stupid lamb," - Bella. "What a masochistic lion," - Edward
"Bella, you are my life now?" -Edward
"You're my own personal brand of heroine," - Edward
"I can't stay away from you anymore," - Edward. "Then, don't," - Bella
"I am completely irrevocably in love with Edward," - Bella

I can go on forever.

Saturday, 20 December 2008

Happy Birthday Sister.

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September 10. The day you turned 14 where I wasn't there to celebrate the most important event, your birthday. Sucks. I remember turning 14, felt nerve-wrecked and anxious more than ever. Feeling relentless of what I'd become and what I'd turned out to be like. That's called insecurity right there, but my sister here isn't even this close to feeling like what I felt. You're one of a kind Rah; courages, smart, obnoxious, stubborn and a trigger puller. (yes, you always pull the trigger for me) I still love you anyway. Check out my blog regularly, I'm going to post a 'tour' of my room soon after my Jan exams.

My sister, my other half. As desperately as I want you away from me, the closer we've become, emotionally. There are times, I rummage around for you, missing little things you do especially when I eat. My appetite varies from time to time here in Bruhall. There are days I eat more than I should and days I count calories like a compulsive health freak. Whenever I'm with you, not only it'll lift my spirits up to eat well, but what I consume is basically what my body needs. There is persistence to eat wisely when you're around me. I miss venturing out with you, having silly fights until Babu and Babah go berserk. Well, you're the aggravating one and gradually causing an uproar!! Keep on persevering and strive for the best. Study hard, pray hard and take good care of yourself young lady. Oh and always remember our deal! (yes, I too miss the times we motivate each other to study) I miss judging your ideal place to study and bragging how effective mine is. =p

Harirah's ideal place to study: Head banging music of all genre with TV switched ON and a coffee table upfront so that her books can lay on it scattered everywhere in the living room. (I realized how much you always dominate the living room = EYE SORE)
My ideal place: Classical music or SILENCE. (which explains why we never study in one room)

"So what's up? THE CEILING!", - Rirah's usage of language from the year 2006-2008 (get over it already haha)
That is a video I made exclusively for you to convey my undying love for my lil sister. It's to inform the world how much of a star you are and I on the other hand, a crap singer. I love you Adik (i know how much you hate me calling you that). These are just words to emphasize how much I miss you, don't think this is it Rah cause its not. As I speak, thy shall always be in my prayers and remain in the back of my head, merely everywhere I go. :)


Friday, the 19th, 12 midday. Everyone around me was jumping up and down, ditching their books in their respective bags and overly enticed by the thought of Christmas break. I stood there glancing at everyone with overwhelmed faces that lit up like an alibi. I tried to fake a smile, the smile wasn't genuine because deep down I know that this holiday is nothing but a good ol' winter read, just like every other Christmas holidays except this year, I'm on my own without my family. There won't be privileges such as high teas in between revision time made by my mom, my name being called at least 3 times for dinner, my sister to annoy me revising with her blasting music, and blessings for effective studying by my parents.

Just after Biology class, the teacher greeted everyone a "Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year" whilst emailing us exam past papers and boy' did that made me gulp hard. I don't know what hit me, but every year, the same feeling repeats. Its not the lack of preparedness because I do work for preparation. It was indescribable, me being a phony, inevitably scared for no apparent reason. After that, I immediately called my dad about it. He then told me to wonder my mind off things, and advised me to eradicate the thought of exams quick before I go paranoid. My dad was being optimistic as always, inserting the word 'faith' at every conversation. He has plenty of faith in me which I shouldn't abuse simply by feeling insecure. Confidence is practically the cure to overcome this.

I did wander my mind off for a moment, losing partially the momentum of studying hoping to get intact with the books the following day. I was calm, and decided to watch Twilght with a close friend, Nouf. The movie which is based on the book was awesome although not portrayed in great detail. I love it and always will. More about my experience reading the series and watching Twilight will be published on the next post. :)

The phobia feeling then had gone as soon as the movie ended knowing that I won't be able to escape the fact that I'll be sitting the exams in the very near future. I made a huge mistake because I let the feeling dwell since primary 6 up till now. Researches say that it does mentally affect your performance in the exam. That thought is scarier than doing exams itself. Now, I feel like 'oh i can't wait to get it over with. It feels like pre accomplishment but not over confidence. Sit down and just do it with revision beforehand, obviously. This practically happens every year, only now, I overcome it on my own without my family talking endlessly and me listening aimlessly. It only took a day, Alhmadulilah. Gotta' do endless revision this holidays for the bloody exams that I'm dying to get over with, updates would be a day or two late.

Wish me luck. :)

Tuesday, 16 December 2008

Buy One, Get One Free.

Why 'Buy one, Get one Free'?

Why is that most supermarkets follow this strategy to increase its sales? When I go to a shop to get an item, I'd expect to pay for that only item. Why can't I have a variable without having to pay for the other? Did you know the offer of 'buy one get one free' is illegal in Germany unless the price is cut to half. I can see why that is a fair deal.

Econs class today had a discussion based on this matter. The teacher then pointed out the fact that nothing in this world is free even the so called deal that we often get in supermarkets, the marketing strategy "Buy one get one free". I'm not complaining, its just that anything presented as free is not actually free if its an economic good because that good either has an opportunity cost upon them or is subdued to scarcity. I guess that's the mechanism in the business world. Speaking of economics overlooking the Macro side, as we all know the recent economic decision to cut interest rates and VAT in the UK have left people like myself as a minority (thankfully it doesn't apply to my family) wondering whether it'll stay that way in the next 5 to 6 months. We hear economists' plan of action from time to time, depressing talks about mortgage repayments, realization of loss employment etc.

From my opinion, I reckon that prices will rise dramatically by next year as the government is desperate for money. People are encouraged to save, at the same time increase consumption (aggregate demand) to stimulate the economy. Looks like overly expensive firms like Zavvi will go bust soon, then when that happens, box set CD's and DVD's from 100 pounds will undergo an immense reduction to 20 pounds. Now, that's the time when I start exploiting my cash. Hahaha.

Anyway, back to 'buy one get one free'. I guess some supermarkets just want to get rid of stocks efficiently whilst profiting from it (because nothing is free) but with all due respect; chocolates sold in that manner is exceptional. :D

Spend a little, indulge more.

Saturday, 13 December 2008

Happy Birthday BFF.

This post is ultimately for you plus your birthday post that coincided on the 24th of October. hehe~ Your pressie is awaiting mo. Eh Mo, I miss you annoying me. When you're down, I miss being there to comfort you and deliberately swipe my hands across your face to calm you down. know I'll never do that except that one time in the lift where you completely went berserk due to anxiety. The things I miss shall never be forgone that easily. Though I've been here, adapting to changeable things; I'll never forget the times we shared.

Shall I ghastly explain what it means?
Well, some things are better left unsaid. We have a strong friendship that no matter where we are situated, it will always remain unchanged regardless of the location or people entering our lives. The moments that I've shared with Momo are special moments that portrays inconceivable love towards another. We're not romantically in love, don't get me wrong; its the love that will hardly eradicate in any scenario i.e. family love. There were problems we faced, boundaries we had to obey but it never failed to drain the friendship away! Awesome, that rhymes. So mo, I expect you shedding tears reading this. I love you bestfriend.

So you've turned 18, got your driver's license! Can life get any better? (so proud of you) *shriek* Have a blast next year when you officially start school. I'm sure you'll get as many friends before you know it. May you have a sustainable relationship with your family, Me, Pang Ji etc. Bless you child :D you've got my back, and I've got yours~

One Weekend.

Zafirah Jefri, when are you coming? hehe~ I've been meaning to publish this post in a while. Sorry it took long. This is merely a simple testimonial of an average 15 year old that changed a few perspectives in life. Well, my life that is. Can't list all of them down because some context may be overly sentiment and I'm not very good at expressing emotions. Basically, she reminds me of my sister, not appearance wise; attitude wise. Both have attitude, confidence, a sense of unique character. Not to forget playful and carefree. :D you can classify her as my adik. hehe.

The day Zaff left for Cardiff was heart throbbing, esp when Amal Izzati started sniffing whilst working the water works. I then went numb. Zaff had been a sweetheart to the residents in Bruneihall, made friends more than anyone could ever imagine and everything was free flowing; people loved her stay and treated her like no ordinary kid. That intrigued me. hehe. Take care of yourself Zafirah Jefri! Come and visit us sometime. Summertime in Brunei is awaiting! *always thinking optimistically* hehe love ya :)

Jajat & Dal.

Delilah left London 2 days ago, sigh. Brunei hall seems so 'quiet' without Delilah Vogue. Well, not literally quiet though since Christmas Holidays has just started. Most Alevel students plus students outside London reside in Brunei Hall for a day or two before going back to our homeland, Brunei D. I miss Brunei. :( easter can wait. *always tryna think optimistically*

Pijul and Zati sent Delilah off to the airport. That was immensely sweet of them! Delilah, we're missing you and not to forget Farhana too, this thought hit me again during a movie session in GD's room.

Zati will be off for New York tomorrow at 10 a.m. Enjoy your time Zat; may you shower yourself with all the splendors New York has to offer. :D Have a blast with your familia! :)

Just Like Family

Thursday, 11 December 2008

Farhana Baba.

As Bruhallers know, Farhana Yaakob has left us here back in ol' London merana-ing. Just in case Far doesn't get my text, this is a soft copy of my confession towards this lovely young lady! Sorry for not sending you till Paddington Station Far. I bet you think all the sleepless nights are all worth it hehe~

"Far is so far away!"
By the time you read msgku penuh dengan perasaan sungguh mempersonakan ini, you'll probably have reach Brunei (abode of peace negara kita). The thought of you not going to be around for the next 8 months or so is still digesting within me. You're a lovely friend, a treasure for eternity, I really hope you enjoy your stay and come back grinning with pride. The thought will definately motivate me to work harder that way we can apply together. Though that's not the point here! I miss you wah so do Delilah and Zati. It's a shame we only bonded well just recently. I've always thought you're ganas but I was wrong. You're as cute as a poodle, even cuter than Delilah's child (happy feet penguin) Alright, I gotta' go and study now cause after that I'll be by the lobby bumming around with si far, with our laptops handy (stalking). *Haha 3d Lame* Sigh I miss you. Till we meet again sahabatku yang teristimewa. Love you, take care. peace!"

They are the words I couldn't utter in the video on the day you left due to L.S.E.

Wednesday, 10 December 2008

Slumber Party.

My Speshful impromptu sleepover mania!

The night before Hariraya Aidil Adha, I experienced the most splendid sleepover right here in my very own room. It was a long night full of laughter and lame/random comments. The saying "Girls just wanna have fun" has shown how its predominantly true. lol. Oh and to add to all the excitement, we TRIED studying. Seriously, we did but it was difficult because Naj is simply irresistible when it comes to her talking. hahaha :P From my observation, Zati was the most productive. The night ended at 4a.m, Farhana Baba felt better then mission accomplished! The girls greeted each other goodnight and everyone fell soundly asleep till 6 a.m on a Monday Morning. What a way to kill Monday Blues.~

Precious Angels from left to right: Zati, Delilah, Najihah and Farhana

Angelic Naj Sedang Tidur Nyenyak





Amal Izzati's Birthday fell on a Thursday, thankfully because 'Malam Jumaat' is a day in the evening where Bruhallers gather together by the lobby after Isya prayers 'berjema'ah & tahlil' combined with diplomatic officers. This is more or less like a ritual. The function usually ends with tit bits and bite size dishes served by no other than the diplomatic officer's lovely wives.

Anyways, Izzati's birthday was a simple bash held behind the dining hall. We ate, laughed and took plenty of pictures, acknowledging zaff's camera. hehe. Happy Birthday Zati, hope you enjoyed it. May Allah bless you with good health, security and guidance. You rock like a kaka to me, don't ever change. (sorry late post hehe) :)

and that's a wrap :)

Aidil Adha.

Selamat Hariraya Aidil Adha kepada Muslimin & Muslimat.

Takbir raya made me feel homesick. This respected occasion fell on Monday, the 8/12/2008. A few permanent Bruneihall residents and diplomatic officers all gathered in the surau to celebrate Aidil Adha, known as the 'Sacrifice Day'. After the raya prayers, the occasion was followed by an Islamic tale between two prophets told by Ustaz Raminey. He ended his speech with a Doa'. People then helped themselves to the dining hall to enjoy the rest of the ceremony with sumptuous food volunteered by the officers wives. Alhamadulillah~