Wednesday, 26 November 2008


The first week of halfterm was the most enjoyable weekend/halfterm. I was introduced to the 'Wellbeck Boys' according to Zaff (practically like my lil sis but independent and lovable hehe) and Amal Izzati, (motherly and bubbly, a total cutiepie at heart). Hard faces, army accolades; I never thought they would be uber friendly. Well it took a day to get used to thier gists. All four of them were not like other army guys. Matter of fact, playful is a word to portray them. No wrong, you can guess from this saying "work hard, play hard", that is an honest way to portray them. I've been inspired. There were some gestures or words that didn't make sense as the usage of language is down mantle to the core completely what is known as 'kedayan'. We Bruneians are surely proud of our heritage. :D

The following day, another enjoyable fiesta happened. A funfair organized by the BSU unions! Kagi and Kudi assigned me to do the spreading so there I was spreading waffles with tender loving hence why it was so popular. Haha. I reckon we finished about two big pots of batter done by no other than Bob. I dont know what she puts in the batter, but it surely is mouthwatering once the waffle is made lah. I only helped out for about 3 hours because around 5 I had to bounce of to 'Winter Wonderland' located in the South of Hyde Park with my friends :D

London eye look-alike

Snowman attack

Amal Izzati and Illy the phographer

Zaff is lame :)

Delilah and Farhana

"Couple of the month" N&N

Delilah and Zatisquared my sweethearts

The Wellbecks, Daniel, Zati and Myself

After all the commotion throughout the day, I ended my night playing cards with Zul and Farhana till 5 a.m in the morning. Woke up 4 hours later, did work and accompanied Zaff and Ka Farihah around Edgeware. I got a few snacks and drinks for a lil gathering organized by Amal Izzati. She made the most scrumptious pasta. 'Nyaman Zat, recipe if you don't mind. :)

With my stomach filled, I then managed to overcome procrastinating and continued studying in Bruhall's dining hall with Zaff and Delilah.

Organic Chem poster made before going to bed at 5a.m. It does looks crappy but sure is handy:) "Belambak kan diingatkan nyamu"