Tuesday, 12 August 2008

Somewhere In Town.

On Tuesday Night my mom brought me, my dad and lil sis to the food stalls in Bandar. She brought us there to try the best 'Gado-gado' (a type of Indonesian cuisine) in Town.

To my surprise, the place wasn't deserted at all like I thought it would be. The location made it seem as if the place lies 'in the hundred acre woods'. haha okay, that was pretty lame. We made it through the rain, got ourselves a place to sit and started ordering like there was no tomorrow. Not exactly, haha. The food was cheap, and came in big portions. I tried tit bits as there was a variety. Delicious~ I'd recommend it despite the doggy location and the stench.

I've been spending plenty of time with my family, venturing out places and good food rated from the exquisite 5 stars restaurants to hawker stalls, all are equivalently scrumptious. =) ohhhhh, and this time, we went as a family, indescribable words made it the highlight of night. And, the delighted euphoria feeling like the time when I first got my first rose back in 2007. =)

My momma and I

Like father, like daughter. lol.

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