Tuesday, 5 August 2008

Majlis Ilmu ICC.

Finally, I got hold of the laptop where multitude of my documents were saved; to be posted to my blog. These pictures were taken on the 27th of July but only today did I get a chance to post them up. Twas quite an experience and as my dad would phrase it, mind-globing. There shouldn't be any ideas to engage in the value for these items because they aren't value for money. Here are some pictures from 'Majlis Ilmu' Exhibition in ICC in relation to Sultan's 62nd Birthday. It definitely widened my eyes and altered some perception on Islam and our daring Prophets.

My dad guided me whilst explaining each photograph. I was amazed by Brunei's History and agendas. There was even an oil refining machine which worked traditionally. This was before oil was discovered as a commodity in our markets. Anyways, his guidance made the exhibition seemed more intriguing. Thanks for being the most patient tour guide Bah! oh and by the end of the tour, we got freebies. Indeed, how rewarding for simply venturing out. The exhibition ended yesterday, the 5th of August.

For more info: www.religious-affairs.gov.bn (associates)

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