Sunday, 4 May 2008

Dear Darling Sister.

‘Halu’…‘Rah rah’, oh dear god, those are the names ringing in my head every time after I arrive from a chaotic day at school and every now and then, I still think about it right after I lift my eyelids after 6 hours of beauty sleep. You know, there are times I feel incomplete without you being with me. Even though it has been great these past couple of weeks in bruhall and me, being surrounded with the loveliest people alive but it has always been you that I encounter for, and you should know that. You’re my only lil sister, the baby girl in the family and will always be treated like one especially by me! Hehehehe.
Rah, you’ve grown up so fast, that I sometimes hate to admit that you are. You know me as a person that doesn’t convey her feelings much, but this is coming from the heart. I MISS YOU! Like a monk missing fish monk. (cause monks only eat fish monks, y’know cause they are both monks) hahaha. I miss you spreading your lameness. I miss you nagging. I miss you whining. I miss you sneaking out for food late at night whenever our tummies started rumbling.

I apologize if I haven’t been the ultimate, teen-synching, preppy fun sister. I do regret being too serious, which you occasionally reflect it back on me till I get agitated which always leads us to all the futile fights. BUT WE ALWAYS KISS AND MAKE UP IN THE END! and by god, I miss that too.
My endless affection towards you will remain. I understand you’re lonely. I’ve never meant to make you feel that I’ve changed; character wise.

Rah, you’ve been there the whole time in 17 years of my life and it is difficult to have to stop sharing excruciating side of me such as my despicable burps after drinking cans of carbonated drinks. Oh and how I turn to food when I’m stressed out and having you to company me do that. Oh oh, and how we always suck up to babu and babah to get away with our wrongdoings. Hehe. And and, our huggable moments andddd also I love you for tolerating with my indecisiveness. (atu banyak ‘and’ I’m making it as informal as possible) I MISS THAT TOO!
How good of a sis can you be? Immensely.
Remember the first big word I taught you? Redundant innit?

Here’s to us! I appreciate every word and word spacing you’ve done in your recent post. You know, I wouldn’t change for the world. Minor changes for the better yes! Please understand. When I get back, teach me how to ‘speak my mind’ and we’ll definitely have SEXYTIME = FOOD.
Hahahahahaha. I’ll still be the sis you knew 2 months ago. Errr…Insya Allah.
Eh, rah. I’ve become loud, witty and my style is like soooo rockstar. I go to the coolest clubs and hang out from school till 3a.m in the morn. Ohhh and I’m like now attracted to bad boys. I kick ass too. I’m becoming HEDONISTIC.

So you think I’ve changed? Well think again.

I am still the quiet, shy, conservative, pessimist whose attracted to nerds. Lol. I listen to ‘Trivium’ for prep now. Oh and I need your help to overcome my comfort zone. Seeeeeeee, I can learn from you. You are one smart girl rah. Full of confidence and I guarantee you that your dreams will come true. HEHE! But hang loose on the music. Love you. I’ll still be the OGRE I've once become. and will forever remember your phrase: ‘Big girls, you are beautiful’. Say it loud and proud rah. Can’t wait to see you MY LITTLE SIS! :)