Tuesday, 26 February 2008

The 14th of Feb.

The 14th of February, as we all are aware of, Valentine's Day. Not that I am keen of such day as it isn't my culture personally to celebrate it. The thing about this doting day is the odour of roses if not tulips or lilies just lingering by the sidewalk of London streets. So what happened on that particular enigmatic day was my unexpected anonymous gift. As I was walking out of my room, on a Thursday morning the doorbell buzzed and immediately I felt cautious as to who was at the door. I then ran downstairs and answered it. It was the postman. Ah, but not only letters were delivered, alongside him was a package. I took both letters and the package back inside my serene place, the house.

I was browsing the letter with the elongated gift clipped to my underarms, barely noticing it (thought is was Kacit's things from her boyfriend). I checked out the rectangular dimension box and there was my name, address, and even phone number stated on it. I exclaimed and stared down at the perfectly captivating box. I felt a little tingle in my ribcage. Hahaha weird, I know, seems like I was out of breath. Curioustiy kills the cat and before I knew it, I was opening it without self-doubt. I got a rose, together with a black vase. I would portray it but I haven't got the incentive to do so. All I want to know is who had primed the rose to my door. The packaging looks exquisite and pricey. It was nicely packed with matching kaftan papers tied to both sides of the immaculate rose. I have to say that it was beautiful.

Whoever it was, THANK YOU, greatly appreciated.

Then I realised, why knowing who sent it is important? Maybe I should just enjoy the presence of it decorated on my coffee table in the living room. How nice, yeah peeps I don't need to unveil who the mystery man or err, woman is. I'll find out eventually. Check it out:

Sunday, 3 February 2008

Pizza Frenzy.

Kacits makes the best dough. Why I state this, I hear you cry? Yes, we had an Italian dinner 2 weeks ago. I’d like to share the recipe for making the all time favourite Italian dish. Pizza!

Depending on the quantity you want to make, it’s as simple as it can get. Just make sure you get your measurements right.

Ingredients (for dough) :
1) Flour
2) Yeast
3) Water

1) Mix all dough components together with salt and butter.
2) Leave yeast to do its trick. Basically wait for 5 mins.
3) Mold the dough into liltle balls and knead it to form a round shape whilst flattening the dough onto the pizza base.
4) Once the dough has settled in, first spread tomato puree evenly onto dough only then add your preferred topping and don't forget the mozzarella cheese when ceasing.
5) Pop your pizza in the oven to 200 celsius/5 F and your grub should be ready in 20 mins-25mins.

We made a variety. We had pepperoni, chicken, vegetarian, tuna pizzas. Scrumptious~.
and I quoted with excitement due to all the pizza commotion: "A dash of tobasco and you're ready to go. "haha awesomely lame! Enjoy people.

Vegetarian Days Are Over.

Vengeance indeed, I didn’t give up. Before you start saying anything! Hehe. Multitude of reasons why I have decided to give it a rest, I wasn’t feeling happy at all, miserable was the word. The first week being a vegetarian was detoxifying, felt alert and attentive but from week to week I realized I was weaker by the day. In my case, weak can be portrayed in various ways. Weak in thinking, absorbing information, grasp what people were saying; my reaction would always be very somber. Exercise too, wasn’t very satisfying as I got tired easily and I wasn’t working out up to my capabilities. I also notice how I’m losing muscle tone!

Basically, it had been a rough month and a half for me. Last night, I had a long chat with my dad. He noticed my change too. Although I haven’t been losing any weight, he realized that it had an impact on me. I would sleep merely anywhere on my exhausting days. 2 weeks ago I slept on my dining table. I was always tired, felt complacent most of the time. I felt as if my responsibilities such as prep times, cooking, bits and bobs of chores, reading were more of a challenge and activities that I have to do instead of activities that I enjoy doing, like I always do. Though I never thought of procrastinating them, I sometimes felt the urge to do so. Although I was knackered, most of the nights, I wasn’t able to hit the hay properly. Knew something had to be wrong!

My dad decided to test me the other day. He wanted me to explain an article from the Financial Times Newspaper about Monetary Policy in several countries (currencies, political parties) so I elaborated it to him. Just yesterday, our long chat about how ‘I wasn’t consuming enough’; he brought up that event. My dad confessed to me that he didn’t get most of the points I made, he pretended to understand the lexisI stated. He claimed that he was testing me (as he knew what the article was all about) and I was making heph loads of irrelevant remarks. That’s when he started noticing my change.

My dad had been very supportive of me being a vegetarian and respected my endurance to be one. As for my mom, she had the same perception with my dad. She would be cooking me vegetables, soy, and whenever I crave for chicken (esp kacit’s roast) my mom would stock up the freezer with quorn. A substitute for chicken made from all natural ingredients’, vegetables. Suitable for vegetarians’ sausages, nuggets, patties you name it, I’ve got it. At first I was overwhelmed and giddy about the substitutes and bragged to my family about it, how delicious and scrumptious it was. To be honest, I hated the taste. Inevitably, I had to force myself to consume it as I had no other choice other than quorn and vegetables. My choice of food was very limited, and I wasn’t getting enough nutrients due to the food I’ve avoided.

This whole vegetarian diet also had an impact on my school life. I notice I lack of concentration therefore had to reread and repeat nearly everything my teacher says. I would be repetitive and still by the time I got home, I hadn’t fully understood the concept of what I learnt on the day. Whenever I arrive home from school, I’d feel weary just like getting the Monday blues. Oh and every day of the week, I’d feel like I had longs days and when the weekend comes around, I’d be complaining about how long the week was!

Thank god I’ve acted before it got out of hand. It could be a huge detrimental to myself, my health and my education. Nauzubillah. Thanks to Babah & Babu for always bringing the matter up and giving valuable advises. They were right all along, my body needs protein, iron, zinc..Etc and pills weren’t enough. It’s a shock to my body because I’m used to eating fish, white meat. Thanks to Kagi for asking ‘Are you happy being one?’ that question of her really made me think-hard. I admitted that I did, but deep down this susceptible heart of mine, I wasn’t happy. (you didn’t jinx it dearest kagi) hehe. So I announced my fragment with vegetarianism to my amazing fam friends; kudi, azam, kagi, kacits, rirah, aleem, momo (called her) haha. I was exhilarated that I am not one anymore and the thought of having chicken kept racing through my mind. The family has always avoided red meat so I’ll know for a fact that I won’t be consuming red meat. But seafood, fish, white meat cannot be taken away from me.

For the lovely vegetarians out there, I envy you peeps. People such as Mr.Sarah, Lil Nina..respect man! Their bodies are able to handle it without affecting them as a person. I’ve felt what it was like at the age of 16. I lasted for 43 days. Haha , I forfeit. It wasn’t doing any good to me and my well-being. The key to being healthy is to have a balanced-diet and exercise. It sure will help us sharpen our mind.

I hereby announce: I become vegetarian on the 20th of December 2006, ended it on the 2nd of February 2007.
Sweet Indeed. And by jolly, I’m not regretting my decision of quitting, in fact I’m glad, bewildered, elated as ever you can imagine.

Maybe I should be a pescotarian?!?! Errrrr….Nahhhhhh. What they hey! Ahaha